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Sarah Aguirre

Housekeeping November 2007 Archive


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Baking Soda in the Refrigerator

Saturday November 24, 2007
The various leftovers of Thanksgiving are beginning to mingle together to form a very strange odor. Every time the refrigerator door opens, it seeps out. I've got the ... Read More

Tips For Setting Up a Monthly Calendar for the Family

Friday November 23, 2007
Our family is well immersed in Soccer, Choir, PTA, Church, and dozens of other small activities. We have a waiting list for activities we would like to someday try, ... Read More

Taking Care of Dishes...

Monday November 19, 2007
The only thing worse thing than worrying that you won't have room for dessert after a nice Thanksgiving meal, are the mounds of dishes awaiting you in the kitchen. ... Read More

Preparing to Host Thanksgiving Dinner

Saturday November 10, 2007
I'm even more excited about Thanksgiving dinner this year, because my mom and dad are hosting the family. Even though it's nice to be the host, it can be ... Read More

12 Tips For Chore Chart Success

Saturday November 10, 2007
What good is a chore chart if it doesn't help chores get done? For those of us with collections of charts of all types and sizes collecting dust, there ... Read More

The Glove Test

Saturday November 3, 2007
Thanksgiving is a great time of the year, but I inevitably think of all the dishes that need to be done. It's not that I mind washing dishes, it's actually ... Read More

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