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Sarah Aguirre

Housekeeping December 2009 Archive


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Before You Pack a Storage Box...

Saturday December 26, 2009
Are you resolving anything new this year? Many people are making resolutions to be more organized. Chances are that they'll need some new storage containers to help organize ... Read More

When To Get Rid of Cleaning Supplies?

Saturday December 26, 2009
We rely on them to clean our homes, kill our germs, and scrub away our messes, but do they ever go bad? Cleaning supplies actually can loose their effectiveness, ... Read More

10 Stain Removal Tips For All Laundry

Saturday December 19, 2009
You have a stain. Depending on how much you love the outfit, it can feel like the end of the world. Before you rush to figure out all ... Read More

5 Steps to an Inviting Holiday Home

Thursday December 10, 2009
We often get caught up in the necessity of having a clean inviting home for the holidays, but adding a few "sense tempters", can really make a difference in how ... Read More

7 Uses for Baking Soda in Your Washing Machine

Wednesday December 9, 2009
We depend on our washing machines to be the general of our laundry room. What happens when our washing machine needs a little extra help. Find 7 quick ... Read More

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