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25 Ways To Be a Cheaper Housekeeper-25 through 21


25. Reuse. Find ways to reuse items in your home for cleaning purposes. Try cutting up towels or clothing into cleaning rags. These can be hemmed on a sewing machine and washed in the washing machine to reduce the need for disposable cloths.

24. Use coupons. Using coupons and rebates can save a lot of money off of your household budget. Check the Sunday edition of your newspaper for coupons. If you have products you consistently purchase, manufacturer's websites may have printable coupons. Don't forget about rebates. Find out what is needed to redeem the rebate (cash register receipt, barcode label, etc.) Don't throw out a rebate just because it takes extra effort for savings that don't happen right away. By the time the product runs out you may have the rebate in hand to replace it.

23. Get free samples. Many times manufacturer's will send out free samples of new and innovative products.

22. Line dry your clothes. Line drying your clothes has many benefits that can save money. Eliminating the dryer cuts down on utility costs needed for its operation, but also prevents added cooling costs for your home.

21. Use energy efficient appliances. Check out the government's recommendations for energy efficient appliances.

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