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Planning for a garage sale can be done in a few easy steps.

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Sometimes the pile of "garage sale stuff" in your home doesn't seem worth the effort involved in organizing a sale. Take heart. In just a few steps a week you can organize an extremely successful sale and clear out the clutter from your home.

Week 1

*Declutter and Gather in Bedrooms and Closets. Learn to declutter the entire house.

*Organize and meet initially with neighbors and family to have a "Block Sale."

Make up a flyer inviting everyone to participate in a block garage sale. Make sure to list a time for interested parties to get together to meet. Having individual sales at each home will make the block an attraction without having to coordinate setup and pricing with a large group of individuals. Basically the group needs to decide on a day about 4 weeks away. Advertising strategies can be discussed. The cost of a newspaper ad could be split between participants. Decide ahead of time to not allow early sales as a courtesy to neighbors who may not be participating, and to customers who may be disappointed on arriving on time to find the item they wanted sold.

*If there is no one interested in participating in the sale in your neighborhood, coordinate friends and family to participate. Larger sales attract more people.

*Check out the regulations for your community.

Does each household need a permit?
What are the regulations for advertising with signs?
What are the time and day constraints for your community

*Begin saving plastic grocery bags to use.

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