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Popular Cleaning Myths and the Real Truths - Housekeeping
Does ammonia work to clean an oven? Will getting your carpet cleaned shrink your carpet? Find out the answers to these top 10 cleaning myths.
Favorite Cleaning Myths - Housekeeping - About.com
Share your favorite cleaning myths. Find out which cleaning myths are most popular. Upload your own cleaning myths.
Is Bleach Really a Great Choice as a Cleaner? - Housekeeping
... a great cleaner? Find out the answer to this common cleaning myth. ... The heavy scent of bleach in the air must mean that something is really clean. After all  ...
Popular Laundry Tips and Myths Debunked
You'll save money and get cleaner laundry. It is also a good idea to use half as much detergent as recommended and see if you are pleased with the results.
Doesn't More Soap Equal More Cleaning Power? - Housekeeping
We want things to be clean, so we add a lot of cleaner. ... We see this a lot with carpet cleaning. If all of the ... 10 Cleaning Myths You Have to Stop Believing.
Can Vinegar Clean Anything and Everything? - Housekeeping
I love vinegar, but sometimes it gets a reputation that it can clean anything. Are there ... It's an amazing cleaner. ... 10 Cleaning Myths You Have to Stop Believing .
Are Newspapers a Good Mirror/Glass Cleaning Tool? - Housekeeping
You can recycle the paper and get your glass clean at the same time. But does it work. Answer: This is another half-myth. It does work, but it's not usually the best ...
Barbecue Myths - About Barbecue & Grilling
There are a lot of myths out there in the barbecue and grilling world and some of them are preventing ... This means getting inside and cleaning out all the parts.
Tips for Cleaning Glass - Housekeeping - About.com
Cleaning glass may seem like an easy chore, but those streaks can sure be a pain. Find out some ... 10 Cleaning Myths You Have to Stop Believing · Cleaning  ...
Does Carpet Cleaning Shrink Your Carpet Pile? - Housekeeping
There is still some myth floating around there that having your carpets professionally cleaned will cause your carpet to shrink. Find out where this idea came from ...
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