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How to Easily Clean a Clothes Dryer - Housekeeping - About.com
Clean the lint filter each time you use the dryer to provide the best results for drying your clothes and keep your home safe. Built up dryer lint can provide an ...
Pet Safety Tip About Cats and Clothes Dryers - Veterinary Medicine
Unknown to many people, the clothes dryer is one of those places, often ending up in injury or death. I have seen this firsthand in practice, and it is heartbreaking  ...
Dryers - How to Find the Best Dryer - Housewares / Appliances Expert
Though you can hang wet clothes to dry indoors or even outdoors on a sunny day, most consider a clothes dryer to be an essential home appliance even if it ...
How Do Ventless Clothes Dryers Work? - About Laundry
Ventless clothes dryers have no output air vent and rely on other methods to dispel the moisture laden air. Two types are condensation dryers and heat pump  ...
How To Get The Best Results From Your Clothes Dryer
A clothes dryer accounts for about 12 percent of your yearly utility costs. Learn how to use a dryer efficiently and get the best results for your clothes. Separate ...
What to Know Before Buying a Clothes Dryer - About Laundry
Today's clothes dryers offer a wide-range of features to compliment washing machines. Before you buy, take time to consider your laundry needs and location.
DIY Dryer Repair - Problems You Can Fix - About Laundry
If your laundry room clothes dryer is not working correctly, check these items before you call the repairman. There are dryer repairs that you can do!
Natural Gas or Electric Clothes Dryer - About Laundry
Should you select a natural gas or electric clothes dryer? All dryers use a small electric motor to turn a large drum that tumbles the clothes inside and an electric  ...
How Does A Clothes Dryer Work? - About Laundry
Compared to a standard or high-efficiency clothes washer, a clothes dryer is a very simple appliance. Every dryer from the most simple to the most expensive ...
What is the Difference in 240 volt vs 120 volt Clothes Dryers - Submit ...
Are 240 volt dryers better than 120 V dryers and if so what is the difference? ... The reason is most clothes dryers are 240 volt is to accommodate the larger dryer  ...
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