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Scotch Brite Disposable Toilet Cleaner Review

Scotch Brite Disposable Toilet Cleaner: Convenience

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I'm not a fan of cleaning the bathroom. I tried to think about what I hate most about cleaning the toilet. In reality, I hate everything about it. It's a disgusting job, and the more you wait to do it, the harder it will be on you when you finally get around to it. A lot of toilet cleaning tools are unweildy and hard to use. Other tools just don't work well. But the worst part is cleaning off your tools once you are done.

With Scotch Brite's Disposable Toilet Cleaner the cleaning head is disposable, leaving you with only the handle to store. I absolutely love the idea of throwing away a disgusting cleaning head that scrubbed my toilet, rather than having to clean it. But how does Scotch Brite's Toilet Cleaner stack up against a dirty toilet?


I don't usually use cleaning chores as a punishment for my kids. I want them to understand that cleaning our home is a shared responsibility that each member of the house has. But when it comes to toilets, I've been known to break my own rules. If two kids are continually fighting, I have been known to assign them to clean a toilet together. I guess the lesson I am trying to teach them is that getting along with their siblings is preferable to scrubbing the toilet. It usually works.

As I supervised one of their recent cleaning punishments one of my sons was using another brand of disposable toilet cleaner and having some trouble with it. My older son had some advice. "Don't use that one. Try this one." He handed his brother Scotch Brite's disposable toilet cleaning handle and opened a refill for him. I was impressed that he had developed an opinion on what was most effective.

The thing that makes this toilet cleaner better is the shape of the cleaning head. It really gets under the rim of the toilet, which is one of the areas that is hardest to clean.

The preloaded blue cleaner is really effective, and the coarse design of the bristles on the cleaning head really scrubs the toilet bowl. I like that the cleaning head doesn't hold a ton of water, either. It makes it a lot easier to use the tool to clean the top of the rim without spilling toilet water everywhere. I didn't like the way the cleaning head cleaned in the bottom of the toilet bowl, though. I kept feeling as though the head was going to come off and clog the toilet. Since this cleaning head is not meant to be flushed, this would be a big problem.

Scotch Brite Disposable Toilet Cleaner: Final Thoughts

Out of all the disposable toilet cleaners on the market, I think Scotch Brite's has the best under the rim cleaning design. The cleaner is effective, especially combined with the bristles on the cleaning head. I loved the design of the brush, but felt it was a little more likely to slip off. I didn't like having to worry about clogging up the toilet as I was scrubbing the bottom of the bowl. Be sure to throw the used cleaning heads away. This product is not meant to be flushed. I also wish that the product had some sort of a built in storage system or at least came with a hook to store the cleaning handle when the product is not in use. As it is, the handle ends up under the bathroom sink and likely to be forgotten. The product is reasonably priced and widely available.

Buying Details

Scotch Brite's Disposable Toilet Cleaner Starter kit retails for 9.99. This set includes 4 refills and a handle. Refills are available and retail for 4.99 for a pack of six refill cleaning heads. These products are available at most grocery and supermarket stores.

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