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Types of Mops

When you need to know which mop to choose, these resources can help. Find out where to use a rag mop. What are the cons of a sponge mop? What's so great about steam mops? Use these tips to help you choose the right mop for your surfaces.

Types of Mops
Mops come in a lot of shapes and sizes. Some of them clean well, and others, well...don't. Find out what the differences betwee sponge mops, flat mops, rag mops and others really are and what they're meant to clean.

Rag Mops
Find out which kinds of mops are rag mops. Learn the comparison between rag and string mops.

String Mop Definition
Find out what string mops are best at in your home. String mops are a type of rag mop used to clean floors.

Roller Mop Definition
Find out how a roller mop and sponge mop compare. What is a roller mop? What should roller mops be used for?

Sponge Mops
Find out how sponge mops work on a floor. What types of floors do sponge mops work well on? What are the pros and cons of sponge mops?

Dust Mop Definition
Find out what dust mops are used for? What makes dust mops different from other types of mops? What are the pros and cons of dust mops?

Steam Mop Definition
Find out what a steam mop is? What do steam mops clean well? What are the pros and cons of steam mops?

Self-Wringing Mop Definition
Find out what self-wringing mops are. What are the benefits of self-wringing mops? What are the disadvantages of self-wringing mops?

Microfiber Definition
Microfiber is a buzz word now that is meant to make us think we are getting something good. But what makes microfiber cloths a good choice for cleaning? What is microfiber?

Definition of Strip Mop
Find out about strip mops, a kind o rag mop. Strip mops have many long strips of fabric attached to a mop head. Strip mops are good mops for many types of floors.

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