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Quick Bathroom Cleaning Tips


Store Cleaning Supplies in the Bathroom:

You can shave a lot of time off bathroom cleaning, by greating a bathroom cleaning kit that you store in the room. Fill a cleaning caddy with all the tools you need to clean a bathroom. Be sure to store the caddy in a safe location in the bathroom. Not having to search for your cleaning supplies will make your cleaning more efficient.
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Pre-treat Surfaces:

Spray down the shower, sink, and toilet so that your cleanser can get a head start working through the grime and dirt. While you wait, pick up clutter, clean out the medicine cabinet, and straighten any linens. There's no need to scrub when a little pre-soak will make your work easier.
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My best time to do a quick cleanup of the bathroom is when I'm supervising bath time. While a child floats boats in the bathtub, I can remind him to scrub behind his ears, as I scrub the sink.

Use a Daily Shower Spray:

Find a daily shower spray that you love and use it each time you are done in the shower. Spray down the walls, doors, and/or curtain. Many shower sprays will help prevent buildup and keep your shower looking fantastic.

Squeegee or Wipe Dry:

If a shower spray isn't your thing, invest in a squeegee that is stored in the shower. Give your shower a quick wipe down with a squeegee or at least a towel to prevent buildup.

Wash Shower Curtains:

A washing machine is a great place to wash a plastic shower curtain. Pre-spray the curtain with your shower cleaner and throw it in the wash. Add in dirty cleaning rags and wash normally. Pull the shower curtain out of the washer when the cycle is over and hang again in the bathroom.

Toothbrush As Tool:

A toothbrush makes a great tool for cleaning the crevices in a bathroom. To make sure you know which is a cleaning toothbrush and which is a personal toothbrush, mark the cleaning brush with permanent stripes on the handle. Use the toothbrush to clean grout lines, faucet fittings, and more.

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