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Children's Rooms

This area will lead you to products, ideas, and articles intended to keep children's rooms safe, organized, and clean. Learn how to get your children involved in the cleaning process. Find ideas to motivate kids to maintain their rooms. Find links to chore charts and lists to help younger children visualize their responsibilities. Locate product reviews to aid you in selecting items to help your children's rooms stay organized.
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How to Clean Stuffed Animals, Electronic Toys, and Dolls
Got a favorite stuffed animal, toy, or doll that is looking a little worse for the wear? Here are some tips to get that toy back in shape.

5 Necessary Tools to Organize Kid's Rooms Organize Kid's Rooms with 5 Easy...
If you're tempted to shut the door to your kid's room when company arrives. Try using these 5 easy tools to organize a kids room. Organize a kids room in five easy steps.

Organizing and Setting Up a Student Study Area
Need to create a place for your students to study and do homework, but not sure how much space you need? Whether you have tons of space, a little space, or no space at all, you can create a homework area.

15 Minute Kid's Room Cleanup
Give your children the ultimate tool to help them clean up their rooms. Fifteen minutes daily, or even every other day will keep their bedrooms in shape without you getting bent out of shape. Show them how to save an entire Saturday spent digging through their room. Whether your children are preschoolers, or preteens, this quick guide will get...

Toys: 7 Tips to get you organized
Follow these seven tips to make the room a more functional area where even a toddler can maintain the organization and cleanliness of the room. Great tips for organizing any kid's room brought to you by The Parents Place.

Tips For Organizing Your Kid's Toys
Is your child's toy box a jungle where even they don't dare to go? Learn ideas courtesy of Kids Are Special for organizing toys that will enable you to actually find all the parts to that miniature plastic castle.

Let's Get The Kid's Rooms Organized!
Wonderful ideas brought to you by The Homemaking Cottage for organizing every part of your child's room. From the toy box to their schoolwork, you'll have a place for everything.

6 Easy Tips to Store Papers Organize Children's Paperwork with Six Quick Ideas
Use these creative tips to organize children's paperwork in your home.

Clean Plastic Toys
Even those plastic toys need to cleaned sometimes. Find out how.

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