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Setting Up a Homework Area No Matter How Much Space You Have


Setting Up a Homework Area No Matter How Much Space You Have

If you have an entire room to devote to school related items, there are some great options and tools you may want to include. Photo Credit: Flickr User: eren {sea+prairie}

Photo Credit: Flickr User: eren {sea+prairie}

If you have lots of extra space.

An Entire Room

Designate a room or a large section of a room for your children’s homework. Furnish the room with tables and chairs or appropriate sized desks. Include organized bookshelves with encyclopedias, dictionaries, a thesaraus, or other appropriate books. Include storage containers with school supplies stored in them for projects, etc.

Items To Consider Adding

A desk or table and chairs
A computer
Reference Books
A comfortable place for reading
A large calendar to write assignment dates, tests, etc.
Scissors safety or sharp
Markers, crayons, colored pencils
Pens, and pencils
Graphing paper, construction paper, ruled paper, handwriting tablets
Filing cabinet for student papers, tests, etc.

Benefits of a Separate Room

Having a separate room allows you the ability to have great storage for school supplies, books, projects and all other school related items. You will be able to set up the room to remove distractions that might hinder studying and homework time. Having a room devoted to schoolwork, also allows you virtually limitless options on things you can include.

Pitfalls to Avoid

Sometimes more space seems like a big advantage, but it does have its drawbacks. Children will still need supervision while studying and completing homework assignments. If you have a separate room devoted to studying, you might schedule an activity for yourself that can be done during this time. Balancing checkbooks, updating schedules, planning meals, reading, etc. can all be done in this same room while leaving you available to supervise, answer questions, and make sure your students stay on track. If you choose to have a computer in a separate room that is accessible by your children there are some warnings to consider if you choose to have internet access available to them. With all of the dangers of what and who your child can come into contact with on the internet many parents are becoming increasingly cautious about filters, blockers, time limits, and other parental controls. One way to help avoid these problems is to have computers with internet connections in central locations in your home, and not tucked away behind doors.

Organizing a Homework Area with a Small Space

Organizing a Homework Area with No Space

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