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5 Necessary Tools to Organize Kid Rooms

Organize Any Kid Room with 5 Easy To Use Tools


When we have children, we try to teach them to take care of their own things. We do this partly to teach them responsibility, and partly to keep from becoming the permanent personal maids. Organizing a kid's room with these five tools makes it easy to children to keep their rooms clean and organized.

Closet Rod

Most likely you already have one of these in your child's room. For a kid, though, the height may make it impossible for them to hang up or take down items without a mess. To hang children's clothes without letting them drag the floor, you'll need a rod height of around 32 inches. If it is possible, lower the rod to about 4-6 inches lower than the height of your child. Or install a new rod at the lower height, and leave the upper rod to hang out-of-season or dress clothes. Allowing kids to reach the rod will help them be able to help organize their clothing.

Small Toy Bins

Chances are you had one huge toy box for all of your toys, and you may have given your child the same tool to organize and contain toys. What happens when they want a toy? They dump the whole thing out. One giant toy box may be convenient for cleanup, but it actually causes more cleanup by its nature. Try using smaller bins that allow toys to be sorted by their type or use. Besides allowing kids to play with the set they want, (without dumping everything else out), it can make cleanup time just as easy if you label the bins with pictures and words. Sorting and organizing toys can be an educational activity for your child.

Hamper for Laundry

If your kid's room is piled high with dirty laundry, the problem may be the hamper. Choose a hamper that is easy to operate for your child. Older children may benefit from a divided hamper that allows them to sort out whites, colors, and linens. Younger children may need an incentive to put their clothes in a hamper. Try mounting a basketball goal above the hamper, and let your kids slam dunk while they organize their laundry. Some companies now have animal hampers that let you feed your dirty clothes to a wild animal.

Workable Bedding

It is unreasonable to ask a child to make a bed that has more components than a model car kit. Simplify your child's bedding. I've eliminated the top sheet from my children's beds. Instead of being used, it always ended up pushed into the abyss of the end of the bed. It added a step for my kids when they tried to make their beds. If you have ruffles, sheets, duvet covers, and multiple pillows, the bed can seem impossible for a child to conquer. Simplify the contents down to what they use. Beautiful beds with multiple pillows, blankets, and sheets don't look that great when they're unmade. Trade in the bolsters and multiple shams for simplicity and a neatly made bed.


The hook is a simple yet wonderful organizational tool. Hooks at an accessible level can allow children to hang their own hats, bags, scarves, backpacks, and more. Hang a few hooks on the back of the closet door and put labels above to remind your children of what to put there. Remember to label items with pictures and words for non-readers.

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