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Cleaning 101 Cleaning Tips Tutorials and Resources

Whether you feel completely lost or just need a quick refresher and cleaning tips, you'll find the answers you need here. Browse the articles to find ways to make your home a great place for living, entertaining, and relaxing.
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8 Housekeeping Resolutions
As soon as the Christmas decorations are put away, my family begins to make lists of their goals for the next year, and not surprisingly a lot of my goals have to do with my home. I get a lot of emails from others who are making the same goals. Here are seven of the most common resolutions for housekeeping and the resources to make them a reality.

Electronics Cleaning and Maintenance
With all the electronic devices in your home, it can be hard to know how to maintain each individual appliance. Find out some general rules, and specific tips for caring for everything from mp3 players to televisions.

Preventing Bugs and Pests
Pests are a pain. Nobody wants them, and it can be difficult to remove bugs and pests. The easiest solution is to prevent pests from taking up residence in your home. These tips will help you prevent bugs in all areas of your home.

Scrub Surfaces
Find out how to scrub surfaces in your home without damaging finishes.

Before and After Cleaning Gallery
Before and after pictures of cleaning and organizing projects in the home. See before and after photos and submit your own for inclusion. Get motivated by seeing what other people were able to accomplish along with their tips to make the project go smoothly.

About.com Housekeeping Photo Submissions
Find out how to submit your before and after photos, stain photos, and more for use on the Housekeeping section of about.com.

10 Uses for Dish Soap
Dish soap can be used to clean a variety of places. Find out how to use dish soap around your home. Dish soap is a great tool for getting rid of grease, and gently cleaning areas in the home.

10 Cleaning Myths Debunked
We trust the things that have been handed down by the generations. After all wasn't our grandmother a fabulous cleaner? Didn't our mom always seem to have everything in order? Is it really possible that some of the old tricks are myths?

Doesn't More Soap Equal More Cleaning Power?
If soap is good, isn't more soap better? We want things to be clean, so we add a lot of cleaner. Is it possible that this isn't the best idea?

Should Furniture Polish Be Used Every Time I Dust?
Furniture polish sounds like a great thing for furniture. But could there actually be harm in it? Should we be polishing every time we dust?

Cleaning Up After a Big Meal
It's a big job to clean up after a big meal. Whether you're cleaning up after Thanksgiving dinner or just a regular meal, this advice can get the job done quick.

Housekeeping: A Definition
Confused by what housekeeping actually is? It actually runs the whole way from perfection to barely clean. Housekeeping is more than just cleaning your home, but their are times when that's the most you can worry about. Learn the components of housekeeping and get resources to help you master each one.

How To Clean Electronic Devices
Find out how to clean your favorite electronic devices and electronic gadgets. Want to know how to clean your cell phone, computer, television, dvd player, and mp3 players?

Television Cleaning Tips
Wether it's LCD, projection, plasma, or old fashion model televsions, they all need to be cleaned. But they all have some special tips that need to be followed.

Quick Tips for Cleaning a DVD Player
Find out how to keep your dvd player running smoothly. How do you clean a dvd player?

Quick Cleaning Tips for MP3 Players
Find out how to clean your mp3 player. What do you need to clean an mp3 player?

Quick Cell Phone Cleaning Tips
Find out how to maintain and clean your cell phone. Cell phones need to be kept clean to work properly, but how do you clean them without ruining them?

Quick Computer Cleaning Tips
Find out what kind of maintenance cleaning you need to do for your computer. What can you do to keep your computer clean?

When Should I Throw Away Cleaning Supplies?
Find out how to tell if your cleaning supplies are still safe to use. When should you throw out cleaning supplies?

Cleaning Supplies: A Basic List
A basic list of cleaning supplies

5 Ways to Get Yourself Motivated to Clean
If you find yourself unmotivated to clean, try these five ideas to get yourself motivated to clean. Find a way to get yourself excited about cleaning.

Does Hot Water Kill Bacteria?
We're told to use hot water to wash dishes, laundry, and our hands because it kills bacteria. Does hot water actually kill bacteria?

How Often to Dust? How Often Should I Dust?
Dusting needs to be done regularly to remove dirt and debris from your home. Find out how often you need to dust. How often should you be dusting?

Where should We Be Dusting? Where Should We Dust?
Dusting is a necessary chore, but do you know all the different places that need to be dusted. When you are dusting your home, don't forget all these places that need to be dusted.

Tools to Use for Dusting What To Use When You Dust, Tools to Use for Dusting
Dust builds up continually. We have to dust dead skin cells, pet dander, hair, dust mites, and more off of our surfaces, as well as cobwebs from the corners and ceilings. Find out what to use to dust.

Seasonal Cleaning Chores A List of Seasonal Cleaning Chores
Seasonal cleaning chores can creep up on us.

What is the difference between All-Purpose and Multi-Purpose Cleaners?
All Purpose, multi purpose, or one purpose, it can be hard to know what you need. What is the difference between all purpose and multi purpose cleaners? Do all purpose cleaners really clean everything? What should you choose?

Get Motivated To Clean
Share your best tips on how to get motivated to clean house. Find out the best tips from others on staying motivated to clean.

Before and After Cleaning and Organizing Projects
Share your before and after cleaning project and photos to inspire others. View before and after cleaning photos and stories from other readers. See submissions

How To Clean Patio Furniture

When nurture and care for our patio furniture throughout the spring and summer months, keeping it ready for outdoor entertaining.  But what happens when your patio furniture is in need of some stronger cleaning.  Are there different methods for cleaning different types of patio furniture?

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