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One of the biggest enemies to your electronics is dust. Dust settles, thickens, and can eventually block important components like fans. A nonworking fan leads to overheated and possibly ruined electronics.

No matter what kind of duster you use, the main point is that you dust your electronics and dust often. You may think dusting is a hassle, but try replacing a fried computer that had its fan blocked by dust.


In case you have not noticed, television and computer screens are magnets for dust and dirt. A screen can get dusty and grimy or be covered with fingerprints. Different types of screens will require different cleaning solutions, so be sure to check the manufacturers instructions.

Never spray cleaner directly onto a screen because, you will inevitably spray too much and have it dripping into your electronics. Instead spray a small amount onto your cleaning cloth and then wipe the screen working in a circular motion. Do not use paper towels on your screens, they can scratch and pit the surface. Instead choose a soft cleaning cloth.

For many types of screens ammonia free glass cleaner or isopropyl alcohol can do a great job of cleaning without damaging the screen. These can be a great alternative to the sometimes expensive commercial screen cleaners. Always test in a small area to be sure.


I am sure you are conscientious enough to never allow any type of food or drink near your electronic equipment, but spills still happen. If a spill happens near electronics, one of the first things to do is to try to minimize the damage, turn off and unplug the electronic devices. Try to wipe up as much of the spill as possible and keep it from spreading. Once you have gotten up as much as you can, it is time to asses the damage.

If the spill was on the surface and did not make it inside your electronic device, count yourself lucky and be more cautious in the future.

If a small amount seeped into the electronics, you may be able to let it dry out, or to remove the cover pieces and wipe up the inside. Use extreme caution when trying to do this yourself, and be aware that many warranties are voided if you remove cover pieces from electronic devices.

If quite a bit of something has seeped into your electronic devices, it may be time to call in a professional. You may be able to have the device cleaned, but do not by any means plug it back in until a professional has had a chance to look it over.

Cotton swabs dipped in isopropyl alcohol can be great for cleaning keyboards and push button devices that have been spilled on.

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