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We can get away with doing these weekly chores a little less often than things like dishes and laundry, but they still need to be done on a regular basis. Depending on your home and family situation, waiting longer than a week for these chores could cause damage to surfaces, or leave you with a big mess to fix when you finally get around to the chores. If you live alone or in a family where everyone is older, some of these chores may be able to go for up to 2 weeks before they need to be done. When all of my kids were little, vacuuming was a 2-3 times a day chore, but now that they are older I can get away with twice a week. Look at your individual family circumstances and decide how often to do these chores. You can always change up your schedule if you find that they need to be done more or less often.

It's up to you how you divide up when to do these weekly chores. I know many people who like to take 1-2 chores a day and do them along with their daily chores. Others prefer to devote a block of time 1 day a week to tackle all of their weekly tasks. The important thing is to have some method to remember when each thing needs to be done.


Vacuuming your home on a weekly basis prevents buildups of dust that can trigger allergies and respiratory issues for your family and guests. While high traffic areas may need to be vacuumed on a daily basis, other areas of the home need a good once-over once a week. Be sure to make a few passes over each section of the carpeting to make sure you are truly getting all of the dirt. Vacuuming flooring adds years to the life of your floors.

Don't Forget to Vacuum...

Hard Floors


Through no fault of our home, dust collects on every surface, leading to breathing issues, dull looking surfaces, and the need to dust weekly. A good weekly dusting staves off the need for more in depth cleaning on a regular basis. Be sure to dust from top to bottom to prevent settling. Consider using a vacuum attachment to suck up the dust, or a good microfiber cloth to trap dust particles.

Don't Forget to Dust...

Wall Coverings
Ceiling Fans


There are some areas of our homes that receive such frequent use, they need to be tended to on a weekly basis. This preventative cleaning keeps these rooms and areas ready to serve our home, and keeps buildups of dirt and damage from requiring more intense cleaning later. Here are some ideas of items that may need to be cleaned weekly in your home.

Don't Forget to Clean...

Entry and Patio Doors
Clean and Shake Out Door Mats
Straighten Bookshelves, Books and Magazines
Clean Bathrooms
Change Linens in All Rooms
Clean Kitchen Sink
Wipe Down Kitchen Appliances
Microwave (inside and out)
Spot Clean Walls
Clean Leftovers from Fridge
Gather and Take Out Trash

Use your best judgement to know if things need to be cleaned. If something you cleaned last week is spotless, don't worry about it. If this happens on a regular basis, that chore may be comfortably moved to a monthly chore. Because homes and families are so different, cleaning schedules must be modified to suit the needs of the individual. I could never get away with cleaning our toaster once a month, but my sister cleans hers once a month without any issues. It may take some time to figure out the frequency of the chores, but it will all come together.

Creating a Cleaning Schedule
Daily Cleaning Tasks
Monthly Cleaning Chores
Seasonal Cleaning Chores

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