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Doesn't More Soap Equal More Cleaning Power?


Question: Doesn't More Soap Equal More Cleaning Power?
If soap is good, then more soap must be better. If we really want things to be clean and stay clean...more soap just isn't the answer.
Answer: Using more soap usually ends up causing more problems than it fixes. There's a tendency to overuse a good thing, but in reality, when it comes to cleansers...you really can have too much of a good thing.

Using too much soap makes it harder to fully rinse away soap residue. And one of the reasons soap/detergent is so great for cleaning, is that it attracts dirt. This is great if all the dirt is rinsed away from the surface we were trying to clean. But if all the soap isn't gone...then the surface will continue to attract more dirt.

We see this a lot with carpet cleaning. If all of the cleaning residue isn't removed from carpets during cleaning, then it makes it much more likely that dirt will stick to the carpet surface, making it dingy prematurely. It also happens with washing machines and dishwashers. Too much detergent in either appliance can cause over-sudsing and potential damage to the appliance and surfaces around.

Bottom Line:

Follow the directions and you'll get better results. Extra isn't always better.

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