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Should Furniture Polish Be Used Every Time I Dust?


Question: Should Furniture Polish Be Used Every Time I Dust?
Furniture polish...it sounds like heaven for furniture. Who wouldn't love to be shined and polished. Is it possible that furniture polish could actually do damage to our furniture?
Answer: Furniture polish is not always a great idea for furniture. I know this may come as a shock. The problem with furniture polish, is it's hard to know exactly what is in all of the different formulas out there. There are chemicals, even natural products that can dull the finish of furniture. Oils in furniture polish can also attract dust and create buildup over time.

The best advice is to use what is recommended by your manufacturer and use it sparingly. Most fine furniture will benefit from regular dry dusting using a lambs-wool or microfiber duster. These products attract the dust from the furniture without pitting or scratching the surface. They won't leave any type of buildup or chemical residue. Be especially careful about using products on furniture that has damage to it's surfaces.

Bottom Line:Furniture polish isn't all it's cracked up to be. For oiling/polishing requirements for your piece it's best to get the advice of the manufacturer. Non-polish methods work well for dusting, without the risk.

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