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I've had those moments before. Times that I walked past a closet and thought, "I really need to clean that out." My next thought was usually, "Maybe, tomorrow?"

You know those cleaning and organizing projects that you walk past and just dread doing? Here's a gallery of some completed projects with before and after pictures to help motivate you to tackle your cleaning nemesis, whatever it may be.

View photos of projects ranging from cleaning beneath the sink to cleaning an entire storage area.

Find out how to submit your own before and after pictures to the gallery.

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Cleaning Under a Bathroom Sink (Before)Cleaning Under a Bathroom Sink (After)Cleaning Out a Closet (Before)Cleaning Out a Closet (Before 2)
Cleaning Out a Closet (After)Home Office Desk (Before)Home Office Desk (After 1)Home Office Desk (After 2)
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