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General Electronics Cleaning Tips

The main goal when I clean electronic devices is to not ruin them. I get a little nervous when cleaning expensive items. But, no matter which electronics you need to clean, there are some general rules to follow when dealing with dust, screens, and spills.

Cell Phones

Cell phones have screens that get smudged, keyboards to get dirty, and general filth that builds up with the more minutes that are spent talking. So how do you get a cell phone clean without rendering it useless?

Computer Cleaning

Our main family computer is in our eat-in kitchen area for quick access to homework help while mom is making dinner. It also provides access to splatters, spills, and general filth. Computers get dirty, but it's simple to get them clean.

Clean Televisions

The biggest enemies to my televisions are fingerprints, especially if those fingerprints come from a three-year-old who has just finished eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. With so many screens out there, how do we know which method to use?

DVD Cleaning

One of the most memorable cleaning experiences for me was when I cleaned out our DVD player. Our daughter had been using the interior of the machine to store her hair accessories. Usually a lot less effort is required to keep a DVD player clean.

MP3 Player Cleaning

My son's newest electronic device is his MP3 player...and he doesn't seem to mind an inch thick layer of grime on his screen. I have to take the opportunity to wipe it down whenever he decides to recharge it.

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