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Cleaning Schedules and Lists

Knowing what you need to clean and when you need to clean it, makes organizing your time a much easier task. Find cleaning lists for daily chores, weekly chores, monthly chores, and seasonal tasks. Take the guesswork out of how often chores need to be completed.

8 Easy Chores to Multitask
I'll be honest, I don't always have enough time to clean. Luckily, there are some easy chores to multitask. Find out how to multitask some of your chores.

Weekly Cleaning Chores List of Weekly Cleaning Chores
In addition to the daily chores we must do to keep our homes in shape, there are chores that need to be done weekly. These weekly cleaning chores keep our homes functioning. Weekly cleaning chores can be spread out over the course of the week or done all together on one day of the week.

Top Spring Cleaning Chores
These basic spring cleaning chores will help you accomplish a ton of work without cleaning your home from top to bottom.

Monthly Cleaning List
We often forget these chores, but doing them monthly keeps your home ready for visitors. Find out what needs to be done monthly around your house.

Seasonal Cleaning Chores
Twice a year, there are some cleaning and home maintenance chores that must be done to keep our homes safe and clean. Find out what chores need to be done seasonally in your home.

Daily Cleaning Chores
There are some chores that have to be done daily. Luckily, they are simple chores that are easy to do.

What Chores Do You Do Daily?
Our readers are sharing their daily cleaning schedule. Tell us what you clean on a daily basis and get tips from fellow readers.

10 Forgotten Cleaning Chores
Finished all your chores? What about these 10 commonly forgotten jobs around your home?

8 Simple Ways to Ruin a Cleaning Routine
So your cleaning routine is ready to go. Make sure none of these simple things ruin it before you even start.

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