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4 Ways to Make Washing Dishes Fun


Handwashing dishes is almost like a luxury to me. I like to stand at the sink, listening to the radio, watching birds from the window. It wasn’t always that way, but I learned to find the peaceful pleasure in the chore. Follow these tips for fun while washing dishes.

1. Turn on the music.

It’s amazing what a little music can do. I modify my song selection by my mood. Sometimes I want a quiet reflective atmosphere to allow me to relax and contemplate while I wash. Other times I’m energized, and upbeat songs are better to motivate me. Find your songs and turn them up.

2. Make an assembly line.

With one person scraping, one washing, one drying, and one putting away, the chores runs smoothly and quickly. Instead of assigning one person to do the dishes on different nights, round up everyone and have it done in a fraction of the time. (You can combine this tip with music for some interesting results.)

3. Have a conversation.

One couple I know purposely avoids using the automatic dishwasher in the evenings. After dinner dishes has become their time to talk and reflect on their days. It may seem weird to think of reconnecting with someone over a sudsy sink, but it works. Washing dishes can be a monotonous chore. The benefit is, that your hands keep working in rhythm, while your mind or your mouth goes on with something more interesting.

4. Have a reward.

In one friend’s family, there is no dessert until the dishes are done and the table is cleared. There’s very little complaining about the chore now, just a knowledge that as soon as everyone chips in, there will be dessert. Find a way to reward yourself for completing the dishes and the time will fly.

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