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Uses for Household Gloves


Dyeing Hair

Disposable gloves can be a great way to prevent staining and irritation of your hands when coloring or highlighting your hair.

Scrubbing Toilets

Wearing a pair of gloves will help you clean thoroughly without worrying about water, cleaning solution, or other substances getting all over your hands.

Sorting Recyclables

Prevent slipping bottles, or cuts from metal cans by wearing gloves when you sort your recycling.

Opening Jars

The grips of gloves help when opening stubborn jar and bottle lids.

Cleaning out the Fridge

If there is mystery meat lurking in your fridge or freezer, wearing gloves can help avoid a sticky situation. Gloves help us dive in to messes without getting the mess on us.

Pet Messes

Whether your changing cat litter, scooping unwanted items out of the yard, or trying to round up pet hair, gloves can help make the job easier and more sanitary.

Softening your hands.

Our own beauty guide has her own tip for softening hands.

Washing dishes. Use gloves when washing dishes to protect your hands from high heat and dirty water.

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