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Top 6 Dish Soaps


Dish soap comes in dozen of varieties, smells, colors, specialties, and brands. What really works on tough dishes? Can a dish soap influence your mood? Which dish soaps give you the most for your money?

1. Palmolive Anti-Stress Aromatherapy

Palmolive's anti-stree forumla contains essence of lavendar. It combines the tough cleaning power of Palmolive's grease fighting and lifting action, with a smooth pleasant scent to help make dishwashing a relaxing experience. They also have a Tranquility formula with rose and sandalwood, and an Energy forumla with green tea and mandarin.

2. Ultra Dawn Dish Soap

Ultra Dawn has all the same grease removal greatness of original Dawn, with added benefits to your hands. Dawn is so gentle, that it can be used for dishes and as a hand soap. There is no substitute for powering through thick greasy lasagna pans.

3. Ultra Ivory Gentle Blossom Liquid Dish Soap

Ivory has long been the leader in gentle soaps and detergents, and they succeed again with Ultra Ivory Gentle Blossom Liquid Dish Soap. This dish soap cuts grease and grime without damaging your hands. If you have sensitive skin this dish soap or Ivory's original formula can help keep your hands irritant free.

4. Method Mandarin Dish Soap

I loved using Method Dish Soap. The dish liquid works without leaving a thick residue to rinse away and is ultra concentrated so that a little goes a long way. The bottle design allows you to simply lift and squeeze to release a small amount of dish liquid directly from the bottom of the bottle. No gunky lids, or turning over the bottle. Method Dish Soap performed well for my baked on lasagna pan, plates will chili residue, and melted cheese messes.

5. Seventh Generation Lavendar Dish Soap

Seventh Generation provides quality products free from chlorine, phosphates and guaranteed to be biodegradeable. The Lavendar variety has a refreshing scent that helps make the dishwashing experience a success. Seventh Generation's dish soaps suds up and clean as well as any other brand with the added benefit of being environmentally friendly. The dish soap also comes in a citrus, green apple, and free and clear varieties.

6. Caldrea Aromatherapy Dish Soap Varieties

Caldrea's Aromatherapy varieties are varied and wonderful. The dish soap does a good job of degreasing and cleaning. With all the varieties, you're sure to find a scent for your mood. Try the citrus mint and pinneaple nutmeg scents. Caldrea's dish soaps work well on even the dirtiest pots and pans.
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