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Garage and Storage

Get tips on organizing the garage and storage areas. Gain the ability to find items in storage once they are needed. Maybe you'll even compact the stuff in the garage enough to drive your car in and shut the door.

How Do I Keep My Linen Closet From Becoming a Disaster Area?
These tips will help anyone keep their linen closet cleaned and organized. Find out the best tips to keep your linen closet cleaned and organized.

Clean a Linen Closet
With so many household linens to keep track of, the linen closet can quickly become a cluttered mess. Find out how to declutter your linen closet and organize your linen closet shelves.

Organizing A Family Garage Cleanup
Learn how to set aside a garage cleanup day for your family. Have a fun yet productive day cleaning, organizing, and reminiscing together. Tips, supplies, and ideas will help you get the garage organized with the help of the whole family.

Storing Seasonal Clothing
Learn how to properly store your clothing for the season. Keep bugs, mildew, and moisture out of your storage. Choose the right storage container. Learn how to pack clothing properly.

Organizing the Garage
Many of us know Hgtv for their tv programs but here at their website organizational expert Pam Hix presents an article with ideas for organizing your garage.

Garage Maintenance
Look here for ideas for maintaining your garage interior. This Hgtv site has ideas for cleaning concrete stains, and maintaining the garage door brought to you from Phyllis Bennett, a representative for Clopay Building Products Company.

Organizing Storage
Great tips and ideas for organizing storage and attics. Has information on common pitfalls, as well as specific ideas to help keep your storage together. The site is one of 123sortit's greats from hosts Julie Signore and Alan Aurich.

Tips for Spring Storage
Some really great ideas for storing items in the spring. Gardening items, clothing, and kids artwork are just some of the items covered. Tips are from Hgtv Host Mary Ellen Pinkham and organizational consultant Louise Kurzeka.

Tips For Organizing Your Attic
Check here for tips to organize your attic. Do you remember what's up there. Take a chance and explore the outer wilderness of your home with hosts Julie Signore and Alan Aurich with 123sortit.

Garage Organization
Article on organizing your garage from popular author Bill West. Get an organized garage with these tips and methods.

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