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Packing and Storing Christmas Wreaths


1. Wreath Storage Bags/ and Boxes

The benefit of these bags or boxes is that they are perfectly shaped to help your wreath keep its shape. Many of the bags have the ability to be hung up, saving valuable storage space.

2. Plastic Bags and Hooks

To save the expense of commercial bags, try wrapping your wreath in a heavy duty plastic bag, adding a hook, and hanging in your storage space. With the wreath hanging up, there will be less possibility of it getting flattened or damaged.

3. Boot Boxes

Try using the box from a pair of boots. Many small and medium wreaths can fit nicely into the boot box. These boxes are very strong, and perfect to protect your wreaths. You can also purchase cardboard or plastic commercial storage boxes that will fit a wreath nicely.

4. Boxing Multiple Wreaths

If you have many wreaths to package, try wrapping them individually with acid free tissue. Place them standing up, back to back, in a large box. Don't put them on top of each other.  The bottom wreaths will be smashed. Placing them back to back will cushion themselves and cut down on the cost of individual storage containers. If the wreaths have small ornaments on them, consider packaging the <ahref="http://housekeeping.about.com/od/getorganized/qt/packornaments.htm">ornaments</a>, bows, and ribbon separately in a smaller box for added protection.

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