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10 Week Holiday Planning- Week 8

What To Do In the Weeks Before the Holidays So You'll Be Ready


Week 8 Focus:

Quick Cleaning For week 8, you'll be pleased to know that all of our heavy duty cleaning is out of the way. Take a moment to think about how much you've accomplished in the last seven weeks. This week we're focusing on quick cleaning as our main cleaning and organizing focus for the week. This week we've got a lot to do in the cooking, planning, buying, and decorating areas of our holiday, so for cleaning we'll be doing quick cleanups to maintain what we've done in the previous weeks. If you're behind on cleaning, you can get still get caught up this week by starting with the most important rooms.

Week 8 Tasks:

Maintain cleanliness with a 15 Minute Cleanup for each room in your home. This will help us maintain all the hard work we've done throughout our home.

Becasue we've spent so much time organizing over the last several weeks, things should be running fairly smoothly in your home. Do some quick organizing of any trouble spots and keep up the organization that you've already done.

Add the final touches to your Christmas decorating.

Finalize your menus for any parties, dinners, and other entertaining that you'll be hosting between now and New Years.
Be prepared for unexpected guests by purchasing some easy snacks, cheeses, crackers, frozen hors d'oeuvres and desserts will make spur of the moment entertaining a breeze.

You'll need to meticulously schedule the last couple of weeks of your holiday season. Be sure to go over everyone's schedule together. You'll probably find some extra gifts that will need to be purchased for parties, or other requirements that you'll need to plan for.

Go over your budget before spending money. Update the budget as needed.
Add to a list of presents that need to be purchased. Purchase any last-minute gifts. Make sure you keep track of your purchases and receipts in your holiday organizing notebook.
If you haven't been wrapping presents as you go, now is the time to put on your favorite holiday movies and get to wrapping.
To make it easier on you, set up a gift wrap station in your home. If you have the space you can make it a whole section of a room. If space is more limited, consider a portable wrapping storage container that can be brought out when needed.
Finalize your list of "homemade gifts" that will be needed and gather any last minute supplies. Try to finish off your "homemade gifts" this week.
Don't forget to buy or make a few extra gifts for the unexpected. There's always someone who drops by unexpectedly with a present for your family that you may feel like quickly reciprocating.
Include all of your lists in your holiday organizing notebook so that you can add to them or modify them as needed.
If you haven't already, finish up your holiday cards and letters and send them on their way.

Week 8 Resources:

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