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10 Week Holiday Planning- Week 4

What To Do In the Weeks Before the Holidays So You'll Be Ready


Week 4 Focus:

Dining Areas

For week 4 we're choosing dining areas as our main cleaning and organizing focus for the week. We'll be focusing on getting our serving areas and serving dishes ready for upcoming family feasts.

Learn about cleaning and organizing our dining areas as we anticipate a wonderful holiday season.

Week 4 Tasks:

Maintain cleanliness with a 15 Minute Cleanup for each room in your home.
Do intense cleaning in your dining areas with an intense dining room cleanup.
If you use special dish items for serving Thanksgiving dinner, now is the time to wash, clean, and polish them.

If you didn't already do this in Week 1,use the 4 Container Clutter Method to make a sweep through each individual room in your home. When you have finished with one room, empty the containers and put them in the trash, at your local charity, in storage, or sell them before moving on to the next room.
Pay special attention to organizing your dining areas to get ready for the holiday season. Make it easy on yourself to entertain in these rooms by removing clutter now.

Begin finalizing your plans for Christmas decorating in your holiday organizing notebook.
Finish decorating for Thanksgiving.

Finanlize your Thanksgiving menu and being purchasing non-persishable supplies.
Check the batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.

Schedule your family photo appointment.
Take a moment to update or create a master family calendar. Add in all dates from school, work, church, sports, and activity calendars. Make sure to keep a copy posted in your home and a copy with you at all times. November and December dates fill up quickly and you don't want to double book your family.
If you haven't already, schedule a maintenance check-up for any furnaces and fireplaces in your home.

Go over your budget before spending money. Update the budget as needed.
Purchase special holiday clothes for family portraits or parties now.
Add to a list of presents that need to be purchased. Try to purchase 1/7 of the gifts on your list this week. This week, you may want to focus on any items that need to be purchased online or through a catalog. If you've been following along, you'll have almost 1/2 of your gifts purchased after this week.
To make it easier on you, set up a gift wrap station in your home. If you have the space you can make it a whole section of a room. If space is more limited, consider a portable wrapping storage container that can be brought out when needed.
Don't forget to work on handmade gifts during the week. Aim to have 2/5 of your handmade gifts finished by the end of the week.
Add to a list of decorating supplies that need to be purchased. Buy any items you can find off of your list.
Add to a list of servingware and guest items that need to be purchased. Purchase all the serving items needed for Thanksgiving.
Begin to make lists of "homemade gifts" that will be needed.
Include all of your lists in your holiday organizing notebook so that you can add to them or modify them as needed.
If you haven't already, purchase/order your Thanksgiving turkey or ham.
Buy your holiday cards. Address all envelopes and fill out 1/3 of the cards this week.

Week 4 Resources:

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