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10 Week Holiday Planning- Week 3

What To Do In the Weeks Before the Holidays So You'll Be Ready


Week 3 Focus:
Kitchens and Pantries

During the third week of our plans, we are working in the kitchens and pantries as our main cleaning and organizing focus. Kitchens and pantries become very important during the holiday season as we pull out some of our favorite recipes and prepare to entertain loved ones and guests. To really have a smoothly organized holiday season, we need our kitchen and pantry prepped and ready to go.

This week we'll be cleaning out our kitchens and pantries and restocking them with the tools and supplies we need for a fabulous holiday season.

Week 3 Tasks:

To keep the house clean, try a 15 Minute Cleanup for each room in your home.
For our intense cleaning in the kitchen we'll use the intense kitchen cleanup.
Clean out and organize your pantry. Remove any old food. Donate any good food that your family won't eat to a local food bank. Wipe down shelves and reorganize according to meal, food type, or whatever system works for you. Don't be afraid of saving a lot of empty room for future purchases.  Chances are that you'll need it.

It's not late to clear clutter from your home. Use the 4 Container Clutter Method to make a sweep through each individual room in your home. I know we did this during the first week, but if you skipped it, there is still time.
Pay special attention to organizing your kitchen and pantry to get ready for the holiday season. Make it easy on yourself to cook and entertain in these rooms by removing clutter now.
Update the contact information on your Christmas card list either on paper or on your computer. Include a copy in your Holiday Organizing Notebook.

Continue sketching your decoration plans in your holiday organizing notebook.
Pack away any Halloween decorations.
Decorate for Thanksgiving.

Create a menu of new dishes and old favorites for your Thanksgiving meal.
Create a master shopping list for Thanksgiving.
Confirm guests plans.

Continue to sketch out your holiday plans including travel.
Make travel arrangements as quickly as possible to get the best deals.
If you haven't already, schedule any Thanksgiving help from cleaning services or meal services now.
Don't forget to schedule hair appointments, and your family photo session.

Go over your budget before spending money. Update the budget as needed.
Purchase special holiday clothes for family portraits or parties now.
Add to a list of presents that need to be purchased. Try to purchase or make 1/7 of the gifts on your list this week. Go ahead and wrap them or hide them well.
Add to a list of decorating supplies that need to be purchased. Buy any items you can find off of your list.
Add to a list of servingware and guest items that need to be purchased. Purchase all the serving items needed for Thanksgiving.
Finalize lists of "homemade gifts" that will be needed. Aim to finish 1/5 of the homemade gifts this week.
Include all of your lists in your holiday organizing notebook so that you can add to them or modify them as needed.


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