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10 Week Holiday Planning- Week 2

What To Do 9 Weeks Before the Holidays So You'll Be Ready


Week 2 Focus:

Living Areas

During week 2 of our 10 week plan, we are going to focus in on living areas as our main cleaning and organizing tasks.Although living areas can be some of the most frequently used areas in our homes, they are often this first areas we think to clean.  This means that your work may not be as intense in these areas.

To really get the most out of your living areas this holiday season, you'll need to ruthlessly declutter. Get rid of anything that you do not need or want to make room for items that will be needed and wanted. As you try to decide which items to keep, don't be afraid to ask yourself the tough clutter questions that need to be asked in order to let go of unneeded items.


Week 2 Tasks:

To keep up with maintaining the minimum clean for your home, try a 15 Minute Cleanup for each room.  Or focus on the daily chores as you work on getting things ready for the holidays.
We do need to do some intense cleaning in each living area of your home with an intense living area cleanup.  We'll be doing chores that might get neglected during our regular routines. This will be the only intense cleaning these rooms get for the next several weeks.

If you didn't already do this in Week 1, use the 4 Container Clutter Method to make a sweep through each individual room in your home. Take the time to get rid of the clutter permanently, not just stuffing it in a corner of your home.  Take it to a charity drop-off location.  Throw it away.  Anything that keeps it out of your home.
Pay special attention to organizing your living areas to get ready for the holiday season. Make it easy on yourself to entertain in these rooms by removing clutter now. Now is a great time to rearrange if you've been contemplating a change in the space.
Create a Christmas card list either on paper or on your computer. Include a copy in your Holiday Organizing Notebook. If you kept your list from last year, this will be a great starting point.

Continue sketching your decoration plans in your holiday organizing notebook. Refer to past year's notes and plans.

Finalize any last minute Halloween decorations. Make sure your Thanksgiving decorations are sketched out as well.

Continue making a list in your holiday organizing notebook of new dishes and old favorites for the holiday meals.
Purchase the latest issues of magazines or books for recipe ideas.
Decide where Thanksgiving is being hosted and what each person will be responsible for.

Continue to sketch out your holiday plans including travel.
Make travel arrangements as quickly as possible to get the best deals.
If you haven't already, schedule any Thanksgiving help from cleaning services or meal services now.
Don't forget to schedule hair appointments, and your family photo session.

Create a budget and vow to stick to it.
Create a list of family clothing items that will need to be purchased over the holiday season including special outfits that may be needed.
Add to a list of presents that need to be purchased. Try to purchase 1/7 of the gifts on your list this week. Go ahead and wrap them or hide them well.
Add to a list of decorating supplies that need to be purchased. Buy any on sale items off of your list.
Add to a list of servingware and guest items that need to be purchased. Begin purchasing needed items for Thanskgiving.
Include all of your lists in your holiday organizing notebook so that you can add to them or modify them as needed.


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