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How To Pack and Store Christmas Ornaments

How To Organize and Store Christmas Ornaments


1. Shredded Newspaper

Fill a box with shredded paper and place ornaments into the box. Add more shredded paper on top. This will prevent your ornaments from moving around and breaking, without making you individually wrap each one.

2. Ornament Boxes

Commercially available ornament storage boxes can be an easy solution to Christmas packing. One storage box will have many individual sections, allowing you to separate ornaments and prevent breakage.

3. Plastic Cups and Shredded Paper

You can make a version of the ornament boxes sold at the stores by packing individual ornaments in disposable plastic cups. Place the cups into a plastic box and surround them with shredded paper. Not only will the ornaments be separated and cushioned from breakage, but it will be easier to retrieve them next Christmas.

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