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4 Kinds of Clutter You Should Never Keep


It's inevitable that clutter creeps into our homes.  The problem comes with those sticky categories of clutter that are hard to get rid of.  Maybe someone gave it to you. You wouldn't want to hurt their feelings by getting rid of it.  Maybe you're hanging on to something that was expensive, but you hate.  Even though you hate looking at it, you can't get yourself to give it up.  These 4 common categories of clutter are tough to conquer, but getting rid of them will remove 90% of the clutter in your home.

1. It's broken, but I'm going to fix it.

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I'm bad about this one.  Something needs a simple part or a little bit of a tweak to be useful, but instead it sits on a shelf waiting for repair.  A good rule of thumb is the year rule.  If you haven't had enough need to get it fixed in the last year, then you never will.  It's just not important enough to you to get fixed.  Let go.

2. I hate it...but it's still has use.

Sadly, sometimes we keep things that we hate.  Whether it's a lamp that turned out to be a lot uglier in your home than it was in the store, or a can opener that really doesn't do a good job...keeping something that you hate is bad news.  Get rid of it.  You'll create space in your home that can be filled with something that you love.  If you have a hard time getting rid of things that still have use, sell them, or donate to someone who just might love them enough to really use them.

3. I never use it...

Anything that you can't remember using in the last year should be considered expendable. When you store things on the off chance that you might need them, you take up space in your life for things that are needed on a regular basis. This happens a lot with new and novelty items. We think we need them, but they end up in a drawer. Let go of things you don't use. Remind yourself that you can borrow, rent, or buy items used if it turns out that you need them three years down the road. In the meantime, we pay for the space in our homes.  Unused items waste our space, money, and time. If you have a definite date in the future that the item will be used, then you might consider keeping it.  If it's a vague date, or no date for use, say goodbye.

4. I forgot we had this...

Ever started cleaning out a drawer, a box or a closet, when you find something you forgot that you had?  It feels like Christmas, right?  If you've survived for this long without ever remembering that you own this item, chances are you don't need it.  Stumbling across something and deciding you're life has been lacking without it, rarely happens.  Those things that we need, we remember that we have.   So the next time you find something that you forgot you had, let it go.

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