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Cleaning Humor and History

When it gets to be too much for you. Get a quick laugh by looking here for links to humor on the web. Or, if you're feeling especially sorry for yourself check the links associated with how our ancestors had to clean. Historical cleaning methods, jokes, and humorous stories are here for you to enjoy.
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Spring Cleaning Guide For Men
Kellie Head, the editor of the online parenting magazine ParentingHumor.com, wrote this hilarious guide for men. It is sure to touch a nerve and tickle your funny bone for women whose husbands believe a home is self-cleaning.

Definitions Only Parents Understand
This list from Nancee Belshaw, compiles common household words with their actual definitions understood only by parents. The definitions involving cleaning should resonate particularly well. You'll laugh from airplane to zucchini.

Ten Rules of Housekeeping
The 2CoolBaby site provides these rules that may be more true to life than we would like. Have a laugh and enjoy. Review the top 10 rules of Housekeeping.

History of Vacuum Cleaners
Check out Mary Bellis's site, which talks about the invention of the vacuum cleaner. Link to pictures of vacuums from the past. Compare your vacuum cleaner with the one your grandmothers may have used.

Kitchen Inventions
Here is Mary Bellis's site with the history of many kitchen inventions and innovations. Invention information for dishawashers, garbage disposals, paper towels, saran wrap, washing machines, and more.

Oregon Trail Cleaning Methods
This website from the National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center details the cleaning methods for women who were part of the Oregon Trail. Their tools to clean consisted of “washtubs, irons, soap, dishrags, washboards, water buckets, and washstands.”

Housecleaning Tips For Internet Junkies
From hiding your laundry to having a vacuum salesmen vacuum your house, these tips from the-humor.com will leave you with a smile. Internet junkies beware, your secrets to housecleaning are no longer safe.

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