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How Can I Remove Brown Stains from Stainless Steel?


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Question: How Can I Remove Brown Stains from Stainless Steel?
We just had our house built and have lived in it for only a couple of months. My wife used a product to clean out our new stainless steel sink. She was trying to do too much at one time sprayed the Kaboom product on the sink and forgot about it. Later I was getting ready for work and saw these brown stains all over the sink. I tried to clean it off, but there are still several spots that seem to be stained. Do you know of any product that could help remove these stains? Aaron
Answer: Many people are surprised to find that stainless steel can be stained. Cleaning stainless steel can sometimes seem tricky, but is a very resilient surface. When problems happen, it is best to start with the basics to help repair the surfaces.

Baking soda mixed with liquid dish soap can make a good paste to gently rub on stains. Be sure to rinse the stainless steel surface thoroughly, and towel dry.

If the stains still remain you can try vinegar. Remember to thoroughly rinse and towel dry.

If stains still remain I recommend trying a stainless steel cleaner and polisher. Barkeeper's Friend is a good powder formula that can clean without scratching. Be sure to follow the directions, rinse thoroughly, and towel dry. These methods should help remove the discolorations.

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