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Cleaning and Organizing With Your Family

Look here for ideas on getting your family involved in cleaning and organizing the home. Links, articles, and ideas will lead you to motivational strategies, chore charts, reward ideas and much more. Involving your family means no one person has to bear the brunt of everyone's mess, but that everyone gets to enjoy a clean, well organized home.
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10 Simple Ways to Help Children Clean House
Wish your kids would help out more? These 10 tips can help.

10 Cleaning Skills Your Kids Should Learn
It's important to teach kids how to clean. But which skills do they really need to learn?

8 Organizing Stocking Stuffers
These stylish stocking stuffers will actually help the recipients stay organized.

5 Most Common Housecleaning Injuries
Ever been injured while cleaning? Learn about the 5 most common housecleaning injuries, how to prevent them, and what to do if an accident does happen.

Favorite Cleaning Myths
Share your favorite cleaning myths. Find out which cleaning myths are most popular. Upload your own cleaning myths.

9 Ways to Clean When You're Hosting Guests
If you're hosting guests this year, you may have a dilemma on your hands. No matter how much you clean before they arrive, they'll be more cleaning to do while your guests are in your home. How do you clean around your guests without making them feel uncomfortable? How can you clean with guests and still be a hostess and not only a...

Your Least Favorite Chore
We all have them. Chores we absolutely hate doing. For me it is ironing. I'd rather do almost any chore, than iron. Which chore is your least favorite?

How To Live With a Neat Person
Are you living with someone who has color-coded everything in the house? Does this person become annoyed when things aren't done to his/her standards? It's possible you live with a neat person. These strategies can help you compromise.

Kids' Excuses To Get Out of Chores
Kids come up with all types of excuses for why they can't do their part to keep the house clean. Some of them are legitimate concerns and others are not. Find out what the real problem is and how to fix it.

4 Reasons Your Family Won't Help Out With Chores Solutions to Make Your...
Getting family members to help out with chores can be like pulling teeth. They don't know how, they don't want to, or maybe they won't do it as well as you do. Find out why your family doesn't help, and ways to fix the problem

Cleaning and Organizing Gifts For Dads and Husbands Gifts for Cleaning and...
Dad might actually appreciate these gadgets and gifts for Fathers Day. They may be related to cleaning and organizing, but they make a great choice for gifts for Father's Day.

The 5 Holiday Senses and Your Home
The Christmas Season can bring unwanted stress to family activities and daily life. As you rush around trying to get your home ready for Christmas, don't forget to find ways to beat the stress, and keep your home a haven.

5 Ways to Make Chores Faster and Fun
We all need ideas on motivating ourselves to accomplish the list of chores on our chore charts. Find out the top five ways to get your cleaning done and your chore charts clear.

Family Cleanup Days
Get tips on how to organize a family cleanup day that your family will actually want to attend. Find ways to motivate family members into participating and having fun. Follow these tips to have a productive and memorable day with your family.

How to Organize Kids' Schoolwork
Kids bring home tons of papers, artwork, certificates, and achievements. Finding a place to store all of them can be a challenge. These easy steps and tips will help you organize kids' schoolwork.

When You Can't Clean House
If you've had a recent accident or illness you may not be able to clean. Abandoning all cleaning probably isn't the answer. Here are some tips on how to have a clean home when you can't clean house.

Cleaning Toy Sets
Looking for a play cleaning set for your child? Kids love to play at cleaning. Help them out with one of these great sets.

Flower Pot Chore Chart
Chore chart system flower pot chore charts how to make chore charts

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