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12 Tips For Chore Chart Success


7. Get organized before you expect everyone else too.
If your home is in such disarray that nothing has its own place, it is very impractical to expect a child to put everything where it belongs. If your home and your systems of organization are a mess, chores will be a losing battle. First set up your home in a way that makes it possible for the family to complete chores. Try these beginning organizational articles for help in getting started.

8. Make sure there are breaks.
All work and no play…well you know. Allow the kids to break up long chores. Surprise them by including fun activities in their chore charts. Slipping in a request for a swimming party among the regular chores can be very surprising and encourage children to actively check the charts.

9. Keep it interesting.
Don’t feel locked into one system. If your kids get bored consider changing up the routine, the visuals, or possibly the rewards.

10. Supervise.
Keeping an eye out for what is and is not getting done can help you determine what you can do to make the chore chart system more successful. Setting up chore charts does not mean that the adult’s responsibility for delegated chores is completely gone. Like any good supervisor, parent’s must instead help make sure that the system is going smoothly. Due Date before dinner than before bed.

11. Train your workers.
Most jobs require a training period and for many kids this can be helpful in a chore system. Parents often have expectations of how a job will be performed that can be different than their children’s. Teaching a child the process of a chore and what you expect from the finished result can go a long way in insuring success. Consider writing a short cleaning guide for certain chores or steps involved. Check out the fifteen minute cleanups for ideas.

12. Include homework and mandatory activities.
Don’t forget that kids have other obligations besides chores. Make sure there is plenty of time for homework and other mandatory activities. If you see that a child is struggling under the weight of all they have to do, consider removing some responsibilities or activities to relieve the burden.

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