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5 Ways to Make Chores Faster and More Fun


1. Turn on the music. Listen to your favorite music and watch how time flies while you work and sing along. If multiple people are working together, take turns choosing the music. Experiment to see which songs seem to work best for your family. I keep a cleaning playlist on my phone of songs I know help motivate me to move.

2. Clean together. Working together in a group can be a lot more motivating for some people. It helps us keep going to complete a task when we see others working too. It's frustrating to be working hard on chores while everyone else is relaxing. Sometimes that's a necessity with busy schedules, but often it is possible to schedule group cleaning times. This makes it a lot more interesting and motivating.

3. Make it a game. Or turn it into a competition. Who can find the most red toys? Try having the kids shoot dirty laundry into the hampers as if they were shooting baskets in basketball. As my kids have gotten older, we've moved away from turning things into games. But it doesn't matter, because they make games themselves, now.

4. Set a timer. Trying to beat the clock can create a lot of energy. Set the timer for a certain amount of time and race to beat the buzzer. It's amazing what can be done when you are in a hurry. Keep track of your best times and try to smash old records.

5. Take a break. Don't get too burned out on working. Break up your chores and reward yourself throughout the process. Taking a few moments to catch your breath can gear you up for the next job.

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