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Tips and Tutorials To Do Laundry

Imagine a time when all of your clothes were clean, in drawers, and stain free. Learn to do laundry chores easier through these tips, tricks,and ideas. Find the products that will actually help you do laundry, not just waste your time. Check out the links for ideas on how to organize your laundry, get it clean, keep it from fading, and much more. Find out how to do laundry efficiently.
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10 Stain Removal Rules
No matter what kind of stain you are trying to remove, there are some simple rules to follow when dealing with all types of stains.

Laundry and Water Temperature Choosing Correct Water Temperature
Hot, cold, warm...which temperature is right for your clothes. Find out how to choose a water temperature that will really get your laundry clean.

How-to Clean Microfiber
Microfiber cleaning cloths can make a huge difference in how effortless it is to clean your home. There is some special care required for microfiber cleaning cloths. Find out how to maintain microfiber cleaning cloths

Clean an Iron
Irons are great tools to keep our clothing crisp and nicely pressed. But even irons occasionally need to be cleaned. Find out how to clean your iron.

Clean an Iron
Irons are great tools to keep our clothing crisp and nicely pressed. But even irons occasionally need to be cleaned. Find out how to clean your iron.

Readers Worst Laundry Disasters, The Worst Laundry Disasters from Abo…
What are the worst laundry disasters you've ever encountered? Have you ever had a laundry mistake that turned into a disaster? Have you ever shrunken a sweater? Washed lipstick? Dried your cell phone? Find out some of the top laundry disasters from About.com readers and share your own.

Clean a Clothes Dryer
Dryers that are improperly cared for can cause dangerous dryer fires that threaten homes. It only takes a little cleaning and maintenance to keep your dryer operating well.

Clean a Washing Machine
Whether your machine is an HE, front-loader, or top loader, it needs to be cleaned. In just 3 simple steps, you can deodorize and clean your washing machine.

How to Clean an Iron
You use an iron to clean...but do you know know how to clean an iron? Cleaning an iron is necessary to making it last.

10 Laundry Disasters and How To Help Clothes Recover
Here are 10 of the worst things that can happen to your laundry and the last hope solutions that might restore them to you. Find out how to turn your stained pink whites back to white, how to unshrink a sweater, how to remove stains that have been dried, how to get crayon off of your dryer drum and more.

How Much Laundry Is a Full Load?
We want to get through our laundry chores as quickly as possible, but how many items can we actually stuff in our washing machines. How much laundry makes a full load? What's wrong with stuffing a washing machine full of laundry?

Stain Removal Strategies
Need to remove a stain, but not sure how? These stain removal tips will make it simple.

Laundry Products and Tools
Laundry to me is one of the more difficult chores. Our clothes take a lot of abuse and somehow magically, a trip to the laundry room is supposed to help them back to that new feeling. Find out what tools are good to have when you are working with laundry.

8 Tips to Prevent Colors from Fading
Prevent colors from fading with these 8 simple tips. With only a little attention to your dark colors, you can keep them from fading.

How Do I Iron Pleats?
Ironing pleats can seem intimidating, but these tips will make it easy. Ironing pleats gives a garment its intended shape. Find out how to iron pleats.

Using Bleach in the Laundry
Find out how to use bleach in the laundry. What rules should be followed when using bleach? Find out the mistakes to avoid when using bleach.

7 Uses For Baking Soda in the Washing Machine
There's a great chance that whatever you need cleaned in your washing machine or laundry room can be solved with a little baking soda.

Using Baking Soda to Remove Laundry Odors
These may be the toughest laundry odors to remove, but baking soda can do the trick.

Vinegar In the Laundry Room
A quick tip on using vinegar in the laundry room as a natural fabric softener. Find out the benefits of this natural substance for your families clothes.

Spring Stain Guide
Find out how to get tough spring stains out of your clothes. Keep your warm weather clothes clean with this guide to some of springs most common stains.

Laundry 101- Sorting Clothing Steps 1-4
Want clean laundry? You'll have to sort it. Trust me, though. It is a simple task as long as you follow a few guidelines.

Laundry Detergent Reviews
Have a laundry detergent that you love? Do you know a laundry detergent that other people should avoid? We'd love to hear your experience.See submissions

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