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Stain Removal for Beets


Red ugly beet stains are the last thing we want to notice on our clothing. Here's a chance to banish the beet stain.

Stain Removal Step 1.

Remove excess beets using a dull knife or spoon.

Stain Removal Step 2.

Place a piece of white bread soaked in water on the stain to absorb the beet stain. White bread will begin to soak up the red beet stain almost instantly. Replace the bread when it absorbs the color.

Stain Removal Step 3

When the bread has absorbed as much of the stain as possible, rinse the clothing with cold water.

Stain Removal Step 4

Apply a stain remover stick, gel, or spray and let stand at least 5 minutes.

Stain Removal Step 5

For colorfast bleach safe garments, dilute bleach according to directions and soak garment in it for 30 minutes. For non-colorfast garments, use fabric safe bleach mixed with water to soak the garment. If no type of bleach is safe for the garment, try dripping cold water slowly onto the stained part of the clothing over the sink for a few hours.

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