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How Do I Iron Pleats?


Question: How Do I Iron Pleats?
I bought a fantastic skirt that looked fabulous on me the first time I wore it. I washed it, and now I have now idea how to get the pleats back to their original polished appearance. Can you help?
Answer: Ironing pleats can seem like a complicated puzzle the first time you try, but it is actually a simple process.

Turn on your iron and set it to the appropriate setting for your fabric type. Have your iron's sprayer filled or a spray bottle of water handy if needed to use during ironing. Fold and or arrange the pleats the way they are supposed to appear. As you hold them in place, iron over the arranged pleats beginning at the top of the pleat and working your way downward. For stubborn fabric, it may be necessary to pin the pleats in place. However, do not iron over the pins. Pull them out one at a time as you iron. Remember to iron in a top to bottom manner.

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