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Laundry Detergent:

Laundry detergents come in all shapes and scents these days. Be sure that you find one that fits the needs of your family and your machine. Skin sensitivities, machine manuals, and scent preferences will probably make a big difference in which brand you ultimately buy, but the majority of brands on the market do a fantastic job at washing your clothing.

Laundry Detergent Definition
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Stain Removers:

No matter how careful we are, stains happen. What's worse, is that they make no distinction between nice clothes and play clothes. Everything is subject to stains. When stains happen, it's important to use the right stain remover or removal method to protect your clothing. Be sure to read the directions on your stain remover to know if the garment will need to be washed right away.

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Up until recently there wasn't much choice for a consumer looking for bleach. All brands were relatively alike. No, however, there are scented bleaches, and even new thicker formulas designed to not spill or splash as much. There are even formulas that can be poured directly on bleachable fabrics. In addition to these chlorine bleach achievements, there are many colorsafe bleaches on the market for consumers to choose from. These bleaches work to remove stains, while still brightening colors.

Definition and Types of Bleach
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Other Laundry Additives:

There are many laundry additives on the market. They range from brighteners, to whiteners. Fabric softener, dryer sheets, boosters, and water softeners are just a few of the products you'll find waiting in the laundry aisle. If you have a laundry problem, chances are, there's an additive that can help. Be sure to read directions carefully on additives, and test for colorfastness in a hidden spot to be sure it's going to achieve the results you want.

Laundry Additives

Laundry Sink or Bucket:

Having a sink close in or near your laundry room is wonderful. It gives you the ability to treat stains, clean up spills, and clean the laundry room much more easily. If you don't have a laundry sink, investing in a new large bucket might be a great idea. This laundry bucket is handy for time when stained items might need to soak.

Drying Rack:

Chances are you have a few items in your closet that require special drying care. You may not have realized it when you bought them, but one trip through the dryer will turn them into clothes that even a fashion doll would have a hard time fitting into. A collapsible drying rack can hide out of sight until you need it.

Hampers and Baskets:

Hampers and baskets are necessary for storing, sorting, and carrying loads of laundry. The number of hampers and baskets you will need will depend on the makeup of your household. Some people prefer to have a hamper in each bedroom and family bathroom. Others prefer simple laundry baskets in these rooms, with hampers located in the laundry room. Decide how you need these items to be setup to best help your family.

Laundry Sorting 101
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Washer and Dryer:

Today's washers and dryers are amazingly efficient and effective at cleaning our clothing while protecting it. The newest features on these machines seem to change every month, and while we don't yet have a machine that will retrieve, sort, wash, dry, iron, fold, and put away without any human contact, we can all hope that we're getting closer to developing such a dream machine. Choose good appliances and be sure to maintain them properly.

Iron and Ironing Board:

For many people the iron and ironing board may seem outdated tools for laundry. And while it's true that you can remove most wrinkles in the dryer now, there's still nothing like neatly pressed clothing to present a put together look. Find a spot in your laundry room for a fold or pull out ironing board, and choose a good iron with a steam function. These two tools may not be used daily, but they definitely add polish to our laundry.

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