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Glossary of Laundry Terms

Laundry should be a simle enough chore, but when you through in all the different laundry terms, it can be tough to know what your laundry needs. Find out all the definitions you need to know to get your laundry clean.

Find out what colorfastness really is. Are your clothes colorfast?

Spot Stain Remover
Find out the definition of spot stain remover. How are spot stain removers used?

Find out how bleach helps get laundry clean and fresh. How is bleach used in the laundry room.

What is bluing as a laundry add-in? How does bluing help the laundry?

Color Removers
Find out how to use color removers in the laundry. What are color removers and how can they benefit your laundry.

Laundry Detergent
Laundry detergent is a useful tool in getting your clothes clean. Understand what it is and how it works.

What are Laundry Boosters? How can Laundry Boosters help your laundry?

Dry Cleaning Fluid
Dry cleaning fluid can be used on washable and dry cleaning fabric. Find out what dry cleaning fluid is and how it is used.

Find out how to use dye in your laundry. What is dye used for?

Find out about laundry presoaks. Learn how to use a laundry presoak.

Sizing and Fabric Finishes
Find out about sizing and fabric finishes. How can finishes and sizing help your laundry?

Fabric Freshener
Find out fabric freshener's use in your laundry room. What is fabric freshener and how is it used?

Fabric Softeners
Find out how to use fabric softeneres. How can fabric softeners help your laundry.

Find out how pretreaters are used with laundry. Learn about the use of pretreaters.

Find out how to use starch with your laundry. Starch can be a useful tool to add body and shape to your clothing.

Water Softeners and Conditioners
Find out how to use water softeners and conditioners in your laundry. How can water softeners and conditioners help your laundry.

Is Bleach or Baking Soda Better for White Clothes
Got some white clothes that aren't so white anymore? Which is better bleach or baking soda to return them to their former beauty?

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