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Digital Calendars

Digital calendars are great for linking multiple family members and their schedules together. Digital calendars can be printed off as needed, or read online, on a computer, or on a PDA device. While many people may not be comfortable with the technology needed to utilize a digital calendar, most are actually very user friendly.

Types of Digital Calendars

1. Online Based Calendars

Online calendars allow you to input and store information in a calendar format online. Different sites offer email alerts and printing options. Most websites have subscription offers that are around the cost of a printed wall calendar. This is a great option if most members of your family are internet users that would benefit from filling in their own schedules and printing off personal and master lists.

2. Computer Based Calendars

There are software options on the market that can be loaded onto your computer and customized to meet the needs of your family. This is a great choice for families that may want a user friendly calendar option that can be modified to fit any family type.

3. PDA Based Calendars

A PDA device combines all the benefits of other digital calendars, and adds portability to the mix. Different devices have varied options, but most can be linked to a personal computer as well. There may be a learning curve when starting to use a PDA, but the convenience is well worth the early learning time.

Paper Calendars

Paper calendars come in so many shapes and sizes and are designed to serve the needs of all kinds of families. Wall calendars, personal agendas, and desk calendars all accomplish the same purposes as digital calendars without needing to know as much about technology.

Types of Paper Calendars

1. Personal

Personal calendars can come in various shapes and sizes but are primarily used by one person. A large flat desk calendar, or a spiral bound agenda calendar can be great tools to keep track of daily, weekly, and monthly agendas. Personal calendars are frequently portable, but sometimes don’t have enough space to record entire families’ events.

2. Wall or Family

A wall or family calendar is a large calendar usually located in a central place where everyone in the family has access. Events for the entire family are located in one place so that conflicts and rescheduling needs are readily visible. Wall calendars, however, are tied down to one spot, making it more difficult to maintain them. Portability is also an issue. But for families with younger children, this can be great option to keep the entire family on the same page.

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