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5 Double Duty Items That Can Clean and Organize Your Home


Mismatched Socks

No matter how hard we try, a few socks always end up missing their mates. Over the course of the year, one family can end up with a ton of matchless socks. Instead of throwing them out, use these as cleaning rags. It's easy to slip a sock over your hand and begin dusting. Kids especially love the glove like feel of socks and may actually pitch in. And since the socks aren't valuable without their matches, you won't have to feel bad about tossing them after a truly messy cleanup.

Shoe Boxes

Most people toss the boxes in the trash when they buy new shoes, but these can be a great organizational tool. Label the boxes with words or pictures and use them to sort out toys, storage items, or even shoes. Some people will even use contact paper to recover the shoe boxes, strengthening them, and making them more uniform in appearance. While they may not be as ideal as clear storage containers, labeling the shoe boxes will make them a great tool to organize.

Ice Cube Trays

With an ice maker, many of our ice trays may have found their way into the farthest corners of our cabinets. Pull out those ice trays and use them to organize jewelry. The compartments make a perfect place to sort out jewelry, and can easily be placed inside a dresser drawer for easy access. Children love sorting items into ice trays too. If your children are constantly finding treasures like shells and rocks, consider giving them their own ice tray to sort and store with.

Plastic Grocery Bags

Plastic grocery bags are a staple in my home. We use them to line small trash cans. They come in handy for smelly messes that need extra containment until trash day. Plastic grocery sacks are the perfect size to use when cleaning out your car, or collecting litter from your yard. If you're afraid to turn into one of those people with a lifetime supply of plastic grocery bags, limit yourself to as many bags as will fit into a small container. Many stores now carry plastic bag dispensers, or you can create your own.

Pizza Boxes

For a handy organizing tool, you'll need to ask your local Pizzeria for a couple of CLEAN pizza boxes. Use the clean pizza boxes as personal art portfolios for your children. They easily slide under a bed or beneath a desk, and are the perfect size to hold relief maps, coloring pages, reports and more. Allowing your children to make decisions about what goes into their portfolio will teach them important principles of prioritizing and organizing.

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