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7 Important Parts of a Cleaning Product Label


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7 Important Parts of a Cleaning Product Label

Cleaning Label: Ingredients

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What the Label Will Say:

Honestly, many cleaning labels will list ingredients that make little sense to the consumer. Companies may list anionic surfactant or they may say dish protectant. That's not very helpful to consumers who would like to know exactly what is in their cleaning product. Many companies who have a "green" line of cleaners will be much more specific about what is in their product. Often companies are better at listing what isn't in their product. No phosphorous, no CFCs, and no bleach are popular things to tout on a label. But if you want to know the specifics, you often have to go through customer service to get answers.

Why You Want to Know About Cleaning Ingredients:

Mixing certain chemicals together can be dangerous. Family members may have an intolerance to certain chemicals, dyes, or fragrances. Most consumers want to know exactly what they are wiping, spraying, or spreading around their homes.

Where to Get Answers:

If you really want to know what the ingredients are in your cleaning supplies, try the manufacturer, first. Their customer service phone number and/or manufacturer's website may list some or all of their products' ingredients. If you still can't find an ingredient list, try searching for the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for your product. If all else fails, switch to a product that will let you know exactly what ingredients it contains.

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