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Cleaning and Organizing Pet Areas

Your pets are very important to you, but cleaning and organizing their areas in addition to yours can be draining. Learn how to effectively clean and organize your pet areas and all their possessions so that you can spend more time enjoying them.
  1. Cleaning Cat Messes

Remove Fleas In the Home
Find out how to get fleas to leave your home. A flea infestation in your home is annoying, and has a reputation for being difficult to control. These simple stpes will remove fleas from your home.

Care and Cleaning of Pet Stains On Carpets
The Carpet and Rug Institute provides advice for pet owners on how to remove pet stains from their carpets. Includes instructions for removing pet urine from your carpet.

Muddy Puppy Feet
Top cleaning products for getting rid of mud from your cute little puppy's feet. Brought to you by your Krista Mifflin, about.com guide to dogs.

How to Clean Your Fish Tank
Your about.com guide to Freshwater Tanks, Shirlie Sharpe, takes you through the steps of cleaning a fishtank.

Top 9 Aquarium Cleaning Supplies
Also check out Shirlie Sharpe's top cleaning supplies for your aquarium. Don't forget that the pet areas of your home need your attention as much as the human ones.

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