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Product Reviews- Cleaning and Organizing

It's the battle of the brands. We're testing and reviewing cleaning and organizational products. Everything from dishwashing detergent to vacuum cleaners will be here under review. Compare cleaning products on their abilities, effects, and price. Compare organizational products on their effectiveness, durability, and price.
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  3. Book Reviews (15)
  4. Car Cleaning Products (2)
  5. Convenience Cleaning Supplies (4)
  6. Dishwashing Tools (18)
  7. Green Cleaning Products (3)
  8. Laundry Tools (20)
  9. Mopping Tools (20)
  10. Vacuum Cleaner Reviews (16)

Top 6 Oven Cleaners
6 of the best oven cleaners including natural choices that can keep your oven clean.

Clorox ReadyMop Review
The Clorox ReadyMop is an all-in-one disposable mopping system designed to clean many types of floors. Find out how the Clorox ReadyMop stacks up in our review.

Your Favorite Green Cleaning Products
Looking for some new green cleaning products to try? Or do you have a green cleaning product that you love? Share your favorite green cleaning products, or see reader favorites for you to try.See submissions

3 of the Best Flat Mops

A good mop can make a huge difference in cleaning your floors.  Hard surface flooring is beautiful, until it gets grimy.  Finding a mop that can handle a mess without damaging floors or damaging you can be challenging.  These 3 flat mops are some of the best at getting floors clean with convenience as a top priority.

Febreze Flameless Luminary
The Febreze Flameless Luminary is one of the latest air freshener products on the market. The Febreze Flameless Luminary is designed to have scent come from a paper shade. The flame of a candle is simulated in a flickering light. Find out how the Febreze Flameless Luminary works in the home.

Top 3 Sponge Mops

Sponge mops are very popular because they are so easy to use.  Sponge mops generally come with a self wrining mechanism and replaceable mop heads.  Sponge mops can be great for mopping edges and corners.  These are three of our favorite sponge mops.

Scotch-Brite Natural Fiber Non-Scratch Scour Pads
Tough stains on pots and pans call for a tough solution. Scotch-Brite's Natural Fiber Scour Pads are made from natural fibers and still able to deliver a powerful punch for daily cleaning or the tougher dish jobs in your kitchen sink.

Before You Buy Stone Cleaner
Find out what you need to know before you buy stone cleaner. What should you be looking for when buying stone cleaner? Which stone cleaners will work best for you?

momAgenda All In One Folio
The momAgenda All In One Folio is a household organizing notebook designed to keep all of your important information centralized and organized in an attractive notebook. The momAgenda All In One Folio has places to record information about warranties, schedules, medical issues, birthdays, and much more. Find out if the momAgenda All In One Folio is the right household organizing notebook for you.

Cleaning Scrub Brushes
Find out how to keep your scrub brushes clean. And know when it's time to replace them.

Cordless Sweeper
The Shark Cordless VX3 Sweeper is meant to be a convenient quick clean up tool. Find out how the Shark Cordless VX3 Sweeper stacks up to everyday dirt and grime.

BusyBodyBook Planner
One of the problems with organizing your time in a day planner is all the different areas of your life that need planning. That's where BusyBodyBook's grid system comes in handy.

Buy Plastic Storage Containers
Find out how to purchase plastic storage containers. Storage containers can be a great help to our homes, but choosing the right ones can be confusing, find out what you need to know before you buy plastic storage containers.

Bizzi2Go Day Planner
Ever wished you could carry around your huge desktop calendar with you? The Bizzi2Go planner offers a compact size with desktop calendar space. Its secret? Tri-fold pages that offer room for all your planning needs in a very small package.

momAgenda Desktop Planner
Find out what makes the momAgenda Desktop Planner unique. With it's 17 month calendar, unique grid set-up, and stylish designs, the momAgenda is a gorgeous day planner. But will it hold up to the rigors of your schedule?

Is Ammonia A Miracle Cleaner?
Ammonia is often touted as a miracle cleaner, cleaning up everything from burned on food to no-wax floors, and even microwave ovens. Find out if ammonia is all its cracked up to be.

Is Bleach a Great Choice As a Cleaner?
Is bleach really a great cleaner? Find out the answer to this common cleaning myth.

10 Ingredients In Homemade Cleaners
Here are 10 basic ingredients to make homemade cleaning recipes for your home. These basics can be used in different areas to keep the home cleaning.

Clorox Green Works Natural Dilutable Cleaner
A dilutable cleaner is a great tool to extend your products cleaning power. Find out how Clorox Green Works Naturable Dilutable Cleaner can help you clean naturally.

Clorox Green Works Natural All-Purpose Cleaner
Find out how Clorox's Green Works Natural All-Purpose Cleaner manages to clean surfaces with all natural ingredients.

Method Aroma Ring
The Method Aroma Ring is a no mess way to freshen your air. Find out if Method Aroma Ring can help get rid of odors in your home.

Hire a Housekeeper
Considering hiring a housekeeper? There are a few things you need to know before you ever hand over your feather duster. Find out what you need to do before you hire a housekeeper.

Find Out Where and How To Store Your Cleaning Supplies
Where should I store my cleaning supplies? Find out where to store your cleaning supplies and what rules to follow.

Febreze Odor Eliminating Candle
The Febreze candle combines Febreze's odor eliminating technology in a candle form, but will it be right for your home? Find out the pros and cons of the Febreze candle in this review.

Bi-O-Kleen Produce Wash
Bi-O-Kleen Produce Wash is designed to remove chemical sprays, waxes, dirt, odors, and oil from fruits and vegetables in a natural way that rinses thoroughly and leaves no taste or residue behind. Bi-O-Kleen Produce Wash contains grapefruit seed and orange peel extract and can be used on cutting boards, food containers, and hands.

Buy a Day Planner
A lot of people have day planners, but not everyone knows how to use theirs effectively. Before you actually purchase a day planner, find out what to consider so that you can make the best choice for you.

LifeJOYS Household Notebook
Household notebooks are a popular way to organize the influx of data, information, and paper that accompanies running a home and family. The JOYS Household Notebook is a beautiful and wonderfully detailed binder system able to organize nearly every aspect of your life.

Basic Cleaning Supply List
Ever seen the cleaning supply aisle at the grocery store? It's filled with tons of products. Which ones do you really need?

Read a Mat
Read a Mat Placemats make a fun and durable placemat that will protect furniture and help children learn. The placemats come in a variety of subjects, and are made from a durable waterproof wipable foam.

Clorox Ultimate Care Bleach
Clorox Ultimate Care Bleach is a major change in the way we use bleach. Clorx Ultimate Care Bleach is able to be poured directly onto laundry. Clorox Ultimate Care Bleach is thicker, reducing spilling.

Method Microfiber Cleaning Cloths
Read a review of Method's line of microfiber cleaning cloths.

Clorox Anywhere Hard Surface Spray
Clorox Anywhere Hard Surface Spray is tough enough to kill 99.9 percent of bacteria while being safe to use around children and pets. It works only on hard nonporous surfaces to eliminate harmful bacteria.

Carpet Touch-Up Roller
The Scotch-Brite Carpet Touch-Up Roller is a unique tool that provides in-between cleaning for your carpet. It picks up dirt, dust, hair, and pet fur from many surfaces.

Are lightweight vacuum cleaners as good as heavier models?
choose between lightweight vacuum cleaners and heavy weight vacuum cleaners, find out which vacuum cleaners are better, can lightweight vacuum cleaners really clean.

Housekeeping Pens
4 cleaning pens that help your housekeeping chores. These cleaning pens will help you clean and organize. Find the top 4 cleaning pens you need to have.

Method Aroma Pill Review Review of Method Aroma Pill
The Method Aroma Pill is a scented oil air freshener that plugs into a wall outlet. It comes in a variety of scents and has a nice design. The Aroma Pill lasts 6-8 weeks.

OxiClean Miracle Foam
OxiClean Miracle Foam Multi-Purpose Cleaner is a foaming cleanser designed to clean hard surface using its unique fresh smelling foam. OxiClean Miracle Foam Multi-Purpose Cleaner is for use on kitchen appliances, counters, cabinets, walls, doors, bathrooms, tile, tubs, sinks, and much more. Find a review of OxiClean Miracle Foam Multi-Purpose Cleaner.

Best Dusting Tools Tools For Dusting
Getting rid of dust is an endless battle. Trying to prevent dust from damaging our furniture, affecting our breathing, or making our home look dingy is easy with these best dushing products

Febreze Noticeables Air Freshener
Keeping the air fresh in our homes can be a challenge. Febreze Noticeables offers an electrical air freshener with two complimentary scents instead of just one. Febreze Noticeables keeps consumers noticing the fresh scent longer with two complimentary scents.

Bi-O-Kleen Bac-Out Stain and Odor Eliminator
Bi-O-Kleen Bac-Out Stain and Odor Eliminator uses live enzyme cultures to remove stains and odors naturally. Pet stains, laundry stains, diaper stains, drains, carpet stains, and more are removed effectively through the natural enzymes found in Bi-O-Kleen Bac-Out Stain and Odor Eliminator.

Top Cleaning Gadgets
Find out about the latest cleaning gadgets that will save you time and energy.

Swiffer Carpet Flick Review Review of Swiffer Carpet Flick
The Swiffer Carpet Flick is designed to clean messes on carpets without the need for a vacuum cleaner. A great help for quick pickups or in between vacuuming, the Swiffer Carpet Flick uses a disposable sticky cartridge to trap dirt and debris from your carpet.

Top Picks of All Purpose Cleaners The Best All Purpose Cleaners
All Purpose cleaners save time and money by allowing one product to clean most of your home. A good all pupose cleaner can clean in most areas and on most surfaces of your home. What is the best all purpose cleaner on the market today?

Are Antibacterial Cleaners Better Than Regular Cleaners?
Antibacterial soap, antibacterial sprays, antibacterial wipes, it seems like everything is antibacterial these days. Does cleaning with antibacterial cleaners keep you free from germs? Is there any truth to the theory of antibacterial resistance? What's so good about antibacterial?

Life Tree Home Soap Review of Life Tree Home Soap
Life Tree Home Soap is a natural all purpose cleaner designed to clean anything and everything in the home and outside including people. This natural household cleaner is environmentally safe and biodegrades, in addition to being useful in nearly every aspect of personal and home cleaning.

LifeTree All Purpose Spray Cleaner
All purpose cleaners are wonderful time and energy savers. Life Tree has an all purpose spray cleaner that is a natural, grease cutting, odor eliminating, and biodegradable. Life Tree's All Purpose Cleaner contains tea tree oil and lavendar.

Life Tree Original Premium Laundry Liquid Review of Life Tree OriginalPremium...
Life Tree is a company committed to phosphate free, biodegradable products that are safe for our families. Life Tree Laundry Liquid is super concentrated and completely natural, providing an earth friendly product to clean laundry with.

Method Pink Grapefruit Hand Wash
We wash our hands a lot to be clean and prevent the spread of germs. Method's Pink Grapefruit Hand Wash is a soft gentle formula that looks beautiful and gets our hands clean.

Method All Purpose Cleaner Pink Grapefruit Aroma
Method's Pink Grapefruit All Purpose Cleaner removes dirt, grime, and debris from many surfaces and leaves a fresh grapefruit scent behind. All purpose cleaners save us time and energy by being effective on lots of surfaces and messes.

Method Furniture Polish A Review of Method Wood for Good Furniture Polish
Taking care of our wood is a labor of love. Beautiful wood adds to the charm and beauty of our homes. Method's Wood for Good Furniture Polish is designed to remove fingerprints, dirt, and dust leaving a shiny clean wood surface.

Method Kitchen All Surface Cleaner
Method's All Surface Kitchen Cleaner has a soft grapefruit mandarin scent and is safe for use on most surfaces in the kitchen. Use Method Kitchen All surface cleaner to clean the surfaces of your kitchen.

Aroma Clean Lavender Mist Bath Tub and Tile Cleaner
Aroma Clean's Lavendar Mist Bath Tub and Tile Cleaner is designed to clean multiple surfaces in the bathroom all with a fresh lavender scent. Aroma Clean's Lavender Mist bathroom cleaner is a great option for consumers who need a limescale and grime remover for the bathroom but prefer a product with no phosphates, bleach, or ammonia.

Aroma Clean Citrus Sunrise Floor Cleaner for Vinyl, Wood, and Ceramic Floors
Aroma Clean's Citrus Sunrise Floor Cleaner is designed to be used on floors without a mop bucket or sink. Just spray the cleaner directly onto the floor, cloth, or mop, and clean the floor. There is no need to rinse the floor. Aroma Clean's Citrus Sunrise Floor Cleaner doesn't need to be rinsed.

Aroma Clean's Morning Breeze Glass and Surface Multi-Purpose Cleaner
Our review of Aroma Clean's Morning Breeze Glass and Surface Mulit-Purpose Cleaner is an ammonia-free glass and surface cleaner with a fresh scent. From Simple Green, the Aroma Clean's Morning Breeze is a great multi-purpose cleaner and a safe choice with no harsh chemicals or overbearing fragrances.

Aroma Clean Winter Rose Carpet Fabric and Upholstery Cleaner by Simple Green
Aroma Clean's Winter Rose Carpet Fabric and Upholstery Cleaner is designed to clean carpet, fabric, and upholstery cleaner. Aroma Clean is a ready to use formula designed to clean up your fabric, carpet, and upholstery.

Aroma Clean Pink Grapefruit All-Purpose Cleaner by Simple Green
Aroma Clean's new line of cleaners includes an all-purpose solution scented with a wonderful pink grapefruit smell. This all purpose solution cleans up well without leaving sticky residues behind. Safe to use on most surfaces, this all-purpose cleaner will quickly become a staple of your cleaning regime.

Ecover Glass and Surface Cleaner Review of Ecover Glass and Surface Cleaner
Ecover Glass and Surface Cleaner is a streak-free, grease and grime cutting, cleaner safe for all washable surfaces. With a soft fresh scent and concentrated spray, Ecover Glass and Surface cleaner does a great job on washable surfaces.

Mr Clean AutoDry A Review of Mr Clean AutoDry Car Wash Spot Free
The Mr Clean AutoDry Car Wash promises a spot free shine without having to hand dry your car. With a jet powered spray, the Mr Clean AutoDry rinses and washes cars to dry spot free.

Oxiclean Carpet Spot and Stain Remover Review of Oxiclean Carpet Spot and...
Oxiclean carpet stain remover is a stain remover designed to be hard on on the carpet with a gentle bubbling action. Oxiclean carpet is chlorine free and colorsafe for carpet. The stain remover follows the line of oxiclean products by adding stain removal techniques for carpet.

Finding Refills for Cleaning Products Cleaning Product Refills
When we find a new cleaning product that really cleans our homes, it can be hard to find the refills. Find out how to find where your refills are located to keep your home clean.

Mr. Clean Magic Reach Review Review of Mr. Clean Magic Reach
Mr. Clean Magic Reach is the newest tool from Mr. Clean. The tool can be used as a mop, a hand tool, or a extendable cleaning tool. Find a review of this new product from Mr. Clean.

Oust Air Sanitizer Review Oust Air Sanitizer
Oust Air Sanitizer kills odor causing bacteria in the air. Unlike other bacteria killers, Oust Air Sanitizer kills germs and bacteria that are found in the air.

Mr. Clean Magic Reach Tutorial, How to use and assemble Mr. Clean Magic Reach
Mr. Clean Magic Reach is an innovative tool designed to help the consumer clean multiple surfaces from the floor to the ceiling easily and efficiently. Find out how to assemble and use Mr. Clean Magic Reach.

Easy Off Review of Easy Off Fume Free Max Oven Cleaner
Many ovens have the charred remains of our daily meals lingering on the bottom and crusted on the sides. How does Easy Off's oven cleaner get the job done. Is it really fume free? Check out the review of Easy Off Fume Free Oven Cleaner.

Top 10 Cleaning and Organizing Books
Find the housekeeping and organizing books that will really help you in your home. Find ways to clean and organize more efficiently. Curl up with a great housekeeping book.

Oxiclean Stain Remover Wipes Review of Oxiclean Stain Remover Wipes
Oxiclean Stain Remover Wipes provide quick and convenient stain fighting power for on the go people. Read a review of how oxiclean stain remover wipes really stack up.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Review- -Review of Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Dirt and...
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser offers unbelievable results to clean dirt, grime, and crayon off of the surfaces in your home. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is magic for dozens of uses. Does Mr. Clean Magic Eraser live up to its magical name?

Palmolive Dishwipes
Palmolive Dishwipes are the latest in dishwashing convenience. These sturdy cloths have Palmolive dishsoap already added for easy cleaning.

Downy Wrinkle Releaser
In just three easy steps, Downy Wrinkle Releaser is supposed to make your clothing have less wrinkles quickly and painlessly. Read this review to find out if it can work for your laundry.

Febreze Fabric Refresher- Review of Febreze For Fabric
Febreze fabric refresher promises to clear odors from your fabrics. If you have fabric odors, Febreze can help you get the smell out. Get rid of pet odors, smoke odors, and more with Febreze Fabric Refresher.

Scrubbing Bubbles Extend-a-Clean Power Sprayer
The Scrubbing Bubbles Extend-a-Clean Power Sprayer is a battery operated continuous sprayer designed to power through tough grime and dirt in your home. The Scrubbing Bubbles Extend-a-Clean Power Sprayer eliminates the need to hold the trigger and still tackles the toughest dirt.

Scotch-Brite Ultra NailSaver Absorbent Scrub Sponge
The Scotch-Brite Ultra NailSaver Absorbent Scrub Sponge is designed to keep your hands away from the mess while still scrubbing even the toughest surfaces effectively. With several strengths and types of sponge available, the Scotch-Brite Ultra NailSaver Absorbent Scrub Sponge has yet to meet a surface it can't scrub.

Dawn Hand Renewal Dish Soap Review
Dawn Hand Renewal dish soap is touted to improve the look and feel of your hands as you wash dishes in only 5 uses. The Dawn hand Renewal dish soap contains Olay Beauty to help give your hands a softer and fresher feel as you wash dishes. Find out how Dawn Hand Renewal stacked up to my dishes.

Method Antibac Antibacterial Bathroom Cleaner
Method's spearmint scented Antibacterial Bathroom Cleaner is designed to kill up to 99.9% of household germs and yet, is derived from botanical ingredients. Find out how Method's Antibac cleaner can cut through soap scum and buildup in your bathroom.

Febreze Set and Refresh Air Freshener
The Febreze Set and Refresh Air Freshener is an automatic air freshener that doesn't use any electricity or batteries. The small unit use scented...

Cellulose Sponges
Cellulose sponges are some of the most popular cleaning sponges on the market, today. Find out what jobs cellulose sponges are best for. Learn how to choose the best kinds of sponges for your job.

Glade Scented Oil Plugins Review
There are hundreds of air freshener options on the market today. Here's a review of a product that promises convenience, performance, and versatility. Take a look at how the Glade Scented Oil Plugins made my home smell.

Abrasive Sponges
Abrasive sponges are usually used to clean tougher messes that natural and cellulose sponges can't handle. The think layer of abrasive material can power through tough baked-on food, grill dirt, and even outdoor furniture gunk. Find out how abrasive sponges can help you tackle tough dirt.

Natural Sponges
Natural sponges are actually harvested from the ocean. Natural sponges are super absorbent, but aren't as bad at collecting and holding onto residue as other manufactured sponges. Find out how natural sponges can work in your home.

Dry Sponges
Dry sponges are actually made from rubber with a soap added to the rubber mixture. Dry sponges are meant to be used completely dry, which makes them a great option for delicate surfaces.

Compressed Cellulose Sponges
Find out how compressed cellulose sponges differ from regular cellulose sponges. Why are compressed cellulose sponges more expensive? And how to compressed cellulose sponges fit into your cleaning routine?

Best and Worst Dusting Products
Share your tips for the best dusting products on the market. Warn other readers about dusting products that aren't worth the money or your time. Find out which dusting products really work well.

7 Best Glass Cleaners
Streaky mirrors got you down? Is the sun shining less brightly through grimy windows? These glass cleaners really clean up.

Laundry Detergent
Keeping our clothes clean can be a challenge with numerous loads of laundry. These top laundry detergents will help you clean and wash your clothes.

Life Tree Dish Soap Review of Life Tree Concentrated Dish Soap
Washing dishes can be tough on our hands, even if it does get our dishes clean. Life Tree has developed a super concentrated formula that is biodegradable and phosphate free. Life Tree Dish Soap contains aloe and calendula to soften and protect skin.

Kaboom Bowl Blaster Review of Kaboom Bowl Blaster

Method Laundry Detergent A Review of Method Laundry Detergent
Method laundry detergent contains active enzymes to remove stains and spots. The scents for Method's laundry detergent are fresh and fragrant without being overwhelming. Method's formula is triple concentrated so that it takes less room to hold the same cleaning power.

Method Baby Laundry Detergent A Review of Method Baby Laundry Detergent
Baby laundry has special needs. More stains, dirt, along with the need for gentleness makes Method the perfect candidate for a Baby Laundry Detergent. Method's Baby Laundry Detergent has a bottle that is three times smaller.

Method Daily Shower

Method Dryer Sheets A Review of Method Dryer Sheets
Dryer sheets help soften fabrics and prevents static cling. In addition the fresh scent of method dryer sheets makes them great for use in stinky shoes, gym bags, drawers, and closets.

Method Dish Soap Ultra Concentrated Formula Review of Method Dish Soap
Dish soap has to walk a fine line between gentleness for hands and toughness for our dirt. Method's dish soap does a great job on ridding dishes of dirt and grease without subjecting your hands to harsh chemicals.

Life Tree Bathroom Cleaner Review of Life Tree Bathroom Cleaner with Tea Tree...
Cleaning a bathroom calls for a cleaner that can freshen, deoderize, sanitize, and remove stains. Wouldn't it be nice if it also contained no harsh chemicals and didn't cause breathing problems. Life Tree's Fresh and Natural Bathroom Cleaner with Tea Tree and Lavender Oil is safe for cleaning children's areas, but also does a great job on...

Tide To Go Review A Review of Tide To Go
Tide To Go is a product designed to remove stains easily while you are out and away from your laundry room. If you dribble coffee stains down your shirt at breakfast, or dip your sleeve in ketchup at lunch you can quickly use Tide to Go to eliminate stains without having to wash the item.

Oxiclean Free Review of Oxiclean Free
Oxiclean free stain remover is a stain remover designed to work on laundry, upholstery, stains, carpet, lawn furniture, linoleum, and unfinished wood products. Oxiclean free is chlorine, dye, fragrance, and chlorine free. The stain remover follows the line of oxiclean products by adding stain removal techniques without dyes, chlorine, or fragrances.

Kaboom Bowl Blaster Review of Kaboom Bowl Blaster
Kaboom Bowl blaster is a foaming toilet bowl cleaner designed to lift and foam away stains and dirt from the toilet, making scrubbing either unnecessary or reduced. Kabooom Bowl blaster is a powdered cleaner that bubbles and foams up fully to lather the sides and even rim of the bowl with cleaner.

OxiClean Baby Stain Remover Review of Oxiclean Baby Stain Remover
Oxiclean baby stain remover is a stain remover designed to be hard on stains without doing a number on baby clothes or skin. Oxiclean baby is fragrance, dye, and chlorine free to be gentle on baby clothes. The stain remover follows the line of oxiclean products by adding stain removal techniques for baby clothes.

Oxygenated Comet Soft Powder Cleanser Review

Electrasol Gelpacs Dishwasher Detergent
Read a review of Electrasol's new Orange Blossom Gelpacs. How do they stack up to your stack of dishes?

Ecover Toilet Bowl Cleaner Review of Ecover Ecological Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Ecover Toilet Bowl Cleaner is an ecological nature friendly toilet bowl cleaner that has a pine fresh scent, triple action power, and a biodegradable formula. Can Ecover Toilet Bowl Cleaner really be hard on toilet stains, germs, and dirt without being harsh on the environment?

5 Types of Cleaning Sponges

Cleaning sponges can make the difference between making a cleaning job a task or a chore. Great cleaning sponges do much of the work for you, while poor cleaning sponges can actually make a bigger mess.  Learn to recognize the 5 main types of cleaning sponges and where they will work best in your home.

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