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Basic Cleaning Supply List

Customize Your List To Clean Your Home


It's almost impossible to make a universal cleaning supply list that fits every home. Every family and house is different, making their cleaning needs also unique. Instead of a list of every cleaning tool and cleanser on the market, our basic cleaning supply list is broken down in to 6 categories of tools. Use these categories as a starting point for creating your own basic cleaning supply list. If you're still a list person, try the more basic supply list.

Dusting Supplies

Dusting is an important job whose frequency will depend on your lifestyle, décor, and any breathing and allergy issues family and friends may have. Tools for dusting will also vary with personal preference although I recommend having the following types:

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Even the smallest household generates quite a bit of trash and waste. The tools to take care of trash are simple, yes, but a necessary component of making your household run smoothly. these tools are great to consider:
  • Trash cans (for every room or area in the house)
  • Trash can liners (these can be reused grocery sacks, or store bought liners)
  • Baking Soda
  • Recycling Bins(labeled for easy sorting)

General Surface Cleaning

The fact is that every surface in our homes gets dirty. We need a good cleaner to keep all the smudges, spills, and sticky spots clean. Our best friend is a good all purpose cleaner, but you may want an extra cleaner or two for general cleaning around the house. I suggest:

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Special Surfaces

If you're like most homes, you have several surfaces in your home that need a little extra TLC when it comes to cleaning them. These specialty surfaces give our homes variety and spice, but knowing what to clean them with can be especially frustrating. I recommend the following products where applicable:

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Our floors bear the brunt of the dirt that comes into our home. Things are spilled on, tracked across, and smeared through our floors on a daily basis. Cleaning supplies needed to clean floors will depend on the type of floors that a home has. If you are like a lot of people, your home has a few different floor types. Consider the type of floors you have before purchasing supplies. I would considering the following needs:

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Storage and Organizing

Even when everything is clean, we need ways to organize and store items in our home. It's amazing how dirty a home with storage issues appears to be. Organizing and storing items properly in your home makes a big difference in how neat and orderly it appeasrs to be. Although storage and organizing needs will vary, consider the following:
  • Storage Containers (clear, plastic, stackable, with handles)
  • Labels or a labelmaker
  • Filing System

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