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Dawn Hand Renewal Dish Soap Review

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Dawn Hand Renewal Dish Soap Review

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The Bottom Line

I love Dawn Hand Renewal. I'm busy and don't have a lot of time to take extra care of my hands. Knowing that I can wash dishes and improve the look of my hands at the same time is a huge bonus for me. And because Dawn Hand Renewal had amazing cleaning power on my toughest dishes, I felt like it was an amazing find. There were a few loads of dishes, especially in colder water, that felt a little filmy after the first rinse. But a short extra rinse made them perfect. Be sure to use warm rinse water to make sure all the soap is washed off. But overall, this was a great find and something I'm sure to keep coming back to.
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  • Same Dawn dish soap ability to battle tough grease and stuck on food.
  • Fresh and Pleasing scents available in Pomegranate Splash, Tropical Shea Butter and more.
  • Really softens hands after just a few uses.
  • Frequently goes on sale and has coupons available.


  • It seemed occasionally that the dishes needed a little extra rinsing.


  • Dawn Hand Renewal comes in Pomegranate Splash scent, Lavender and Silk, Aloe Vera, and Tropical Shea Butter scent.
  • The suggested retail for Dawn Hand Renewal is 2.99.
  • Dawn Hand Renewal dish soap contains Olay Beauty to improve the look and feel of hands in only 5 uses.

Guide Review - Dawn Hand Renewal Dish Soap Review

At the end of a long day, the worst feeling in the world is to see a stack full of dishes waiting for you in your sink. I can imagine a hundred things I'd rather be doing at that point. And by the way, when is there going to be any time for me? Well I can't guarantee you me time, at least not anytime soon. But there may actually be a product that does something for you, while you do something for your dishes.

Dawn Hand Renewal with Olay Beauty is a dish soap that claims to be able to improve the look and feel of your hands in as little as 5 uses. Clean dishes, softer hands, something nice for you? Is this too good to be true? Buying a small bottle to test out these claimes, I decided to find out.

The first time I tried Dawn Hand Renewal, I had a small sink full of breakfast dishes. It wasn't a tough test for Dawn's cleaning power, but I was impressed by the pomegranate scent. I didn't notice a big difference in my hands after that first load, but the second time I used the Dawn Hand Renewal was a different story. My lasagna is famous with my family. And with 5 growing kids, one of whom is a 12-year-old eating machine, I make a lot of lasagna, which means a lot of dirty dishes. This time, both my hands and the Dawn Hand Renewal were going to get a workout. I was impressed with the dish soap's ability to power through tough grease and cooked on cheese. And although I was using hot water and no gloves, at the end of the sink full of dishes, my hands were in great shape. I was starting to be a believer.

By the time I got to my fifth load of dishes, I was hooked. Dawn Hand Renewal powered through anything I threw at it and my hands looked and felt great. I did notice that there were times, especially when my water wasn't as hot, that the dishes felt like they needed to be more thoroughly rinsed than normal. I assumed it must be because of the extra moisturizing power of the soap. After an extra rinse, though, those few loads I experienced this with were fine.

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