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Febreze Fabric Refresher

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The Bottom Line

Febreze is a light and airy spray refresher that can be used on carpets, bedding, clothing, upholstery, rugs, and more. Febreze works well in the home or car. No matter where you find musty or smelly fabric, Febreze can eliminate the odors quickly without leaving a heavy residue of its own scent.
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  • Febreze is safe for nearly all fabric surfaces.
  • Odors fade away as Febreze dries.
  • Febreze comes in several pleasing scents.


  • Febreze should be tested first on fabrics that may waterspot.


  • Spray evenly. (Testing on fabrics that may waterspot.)
  • Allow to dry.
  • Be rid of odors.

Guide Review - Febreze Fabric Refresher

Febreze passes the three most important test questions I use in determining if I will reuse a product.

1. Febreze is easy to use. Spray Febreze on your fabric and odors disappear.

2. Febreze works well without added side effects like overbearing smell or skin allergies. I've used Febreze in closets, on carpets, on beds and mattresses, on clothing, and in the car. Even in my family, where we have numerous skin reactions to most soaps and detergents, there were no problems with Febreze.

3.Febreze saves me time and energy. If the carpet doesn't need to be shampooed, and the upholstery isn't ready to be cleaned, Febreze can help refresh and renew without all the extra work.

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User Reviews

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 5 out of 5
The original scent in the 800ml light blue bottle, Member 123Ked

I am a physicist by training, an engineer by trade, and a compulsive researcher. When I first read the story of the invention of Febreze I thought it too good to be true, but I bought some to test for its ability to remove odors. Fortunately, as it turned out, I bought the product described in my review title. I tested it on every sort of household smell, mostly organic smells: feces, rotten meat in a garbage can, dead animals, musty house smell, etc. To my surprise, it did just as advertised. The ""acid test"" was some spoiled meat that had begun rotting in the garbage can. The meat was under some other garbage and smelled so bad that I was not about to dig into it with my hands. I sprayed thoroughly inside the can. The smell disappeared almost instantly, as determined by my quite sensitive nose. I decided to close the can overnight to see if it was only a temporary effect. When I opened the can a day or two later, there was no unpleasant odor. We have a bathroom that has a window, but no exhaust fan. In the winter here in Minnesota, that room can get quite odorous. Now, I keep a bottle of Febreze in that bathroom, and no one is ever heard shouting ""Close the bathroom door."" Never an odor. However, while traveling, I bought some Febreze that had a mild-sounding name for its scent. Something like Ocean Breeze or some such. I discovered it had such a horrible smell, I preferred the smell I was trying to get rid of. So; I am totally convinced that the original scent Febreze described in the review title is everything P&G claims. I doubt that Gain mixed with Febreze would be the same, and I have not purchased it. I heartily recommend the product described in my title.

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