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The Bottom Line

I didn't know what I was missing without the Shark VX3 Cordless Sweeper. This sweeper is not a vacuum cleaner. It doesn't have any suction, but instead uses a rotating brush to flip crumbs and debris into a dirt cup.

But this isn't your mama's sweeper. Its cordless design, bottom emptying dirt cup, and swivel/folding handle make it a lean, mean, dirt devouring machine.

Chips, cereal, rice, and any other ground-up bits of dirt don't stand a chance. Its performance on carpet is fabulous, but hard surface flooring is where it really shines. Nothing is left behind. It's transformed quick floor cleaning in my home.


  • Cordless sweeping
  • Bottom emptying dirt container.
  • Folding swivel handle has excellent motion and reach.
  • 2 separate speeds: multi surface and turbo for tough messes.
  • Picks up everything...cereal, rice, chips, and more.


  • Price may be a detractor for some buyers.


  • MSRP for VX3: $79.99
  • Replacement battery pack from www.sharkvx3.com: $23.80. Battery pack is meant to last 6 months to 1 year.
  • 13-inch brushroll and side brushes. Brushroll is removable and replaceable.
  • Cordless design. Uses a rechargeable battery pack with AC adapter included.
  • Battery needs a 20-hour initial charge. Operates up to 90 minutes on a single charge.
  • Push button releases bottom opening dust cup. Not touching the mess.
  • 2 Speeds: Multi surface for carpet and hard floors, Turbo for big messes and pet hair.
  • Swivel handle also folds to allow easy reaching under furniture.

Guide Review - Cordless Sweeper

Mealtime at my house is a bit like mealtime at a wild animal park. It's dangerous, loud, and the mess after the animals are done eating is daunting at best.

We have a deal at my house. Kids clear the table. Dad usually loads the dishes. Mom's in charge of the floor. I get the short end of that stick.

At the end of a meal there are piles of crumbs and debris on the floor. And while my two-year-old manages to leave half a meal for me to clean up, the older kids leave their fair share too.

Nobody wanted to switch jobs with me. Until now.

The first night after the Shark had been fully charged, we had an easy meal of sandwiches and chips. But apparently the kids had been secretly tossing chip bits at each other throughout the meal. The floor was a war zone. I laughed at the idea that the Shark VX3 could actually make a dent in the chips. It was an unfair first test, but I've been known to be unfair.

Two minutes later, our eat-in kitchen floor was spotless and I was speechless. I'd also found my new best friend.

The Shark VX3 Cordless Sweeper is great on carpet, too. Graham cracker, cereal, even bits of cupcake were easily picked up with the sweeper.

The sweeper has a rechargeable battery pack, and out of the box it needs to charge for nearly 20 hours. But after its fully charged, I couldn't believe how long the life of the battery was. It lasted over an hour altogether, allowing me to complete several quick cleanups before it fully discharged and was ready to charge again.

The handle swivels and glides with zero effort. The handle folds down to make sweeping under low areas effortless as well.

Now, after dinner cleanup is a little different in my house. We have to rotate clearing the table, loading the dishes, and cleaning the floor. Everyone wants to clean the floor if they get to do it with the Shark VX3 Cordless Sweeper.

User Reviews

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 5 out of 5
Stands up to pets and toddlers, Member momnjax

I have owned this sweeper for over 6 months and I use it daily. We have a large dog and 3 children. I have tile, wood and carpet in my home. This sweeper picks up dog hair, crumbs, dirt, sand, etc. I really like that it has the sweeper arm on the side. I go around my kitchen with that to clean up along all sides. I wish they made it with the sweeper arm on both sides but maybe in the next model. The arm is long which is important to me since I am tall. Although it does not have suction, it's great in a pinch to sweep up the cheerios that made their way out of the kitchen and onto the carpet. For those that gave this a negative review... They are correct, the sweeper does not work in reverse. Neither does a broom accomplish with you want by moving it in 2 directions at the same time. Your forward motion sweeps up so start at the far end of the room and back out of it and you will do fine. About once a month, I clean my sweeper out. I clean the cup and the bristles just like I do with the sweeper on my vacuum. Since it is rechargeable, I only charge it overnight when the battery dies. My battery still runs like a champ. I have purchased 4 different sweepers/vacuums for my kitchen and hard wood floors. A friend of mine has purchased just as many in our quest to find the best solution. We agree this is the best on the market. I hope this helps you.

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